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Monday, December 13, 2021

VIDEO: "Heavy K Drumboss, take care of your son" - Ntombi says as she shares video of their 6-year-old disabled son who needs a wheelchair

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Ntombi Reloaded has continued to drag her ex-husband, Heavy K Drumboss, on social media. (Read More Here).

Taking to her Instagram page, Ntombi, shared a video of her 6-year-old son who needs a wheelchair, but his father, Heavy K Drumboss is unable to buy one for him. 

In conclusion, Ntombi, urged Heavy K to take care of his son. 

Ntombi wrote:

"Take care of my child!! Take care of my child!! Take care of my child!! He needs a wheelchair!! @heavykdrumboss @maphephandaba @thepopcornroomrsa @dailysunsa Your first born needs help!!

"@heavykdrumboss Your kids miss you try and call them even if its 4times a month it will make a huge difference to them. Also Yuri's birthday is coming in the next 2weeks please send money for a cake cause I did it with Juju in October, it's your turn now. Also please send money for Xmas clothes cause ziyaphela!! And my kids are not used to not dressing up on Xmas but this time I can't do it you need to. Also Juju's epilim is almost finished and I don't have the money for it so please take over. You know how you always said "I'm a bitch" "rubbishkazi" "psycho" now I have succumbed to those words.
I am now psycho and until you do right by your kids I will continue to be psycho! This is only a start, not with my kids!! Anyone that knows me wel,l will know how much I have tolerated your nonsense. Just do the right thing that's it! 

"Such a pity that I don't have my old phone no more I wanted people to see how much of a rude man you've been to me even after our relationship was over. You've pushed me way too far Mkhululi, way too far. Now I am psycho baby mama! And I repeat this is just a start!

"@heavykdrumboss All you ever do is to make empty promises and that you are good at! Do you know who bought winter clothes for your kids? It's me! Do you know who pays for any specialists or doctors appointments? It's me! Cause my mother would call you to tell you that the kids are sick but what do you ever do? 
"Okay olady I will send money" do you ever do it? NO! All you ever tell my mother is that "you are a busy man" too busy for your own kids? Than you want to earn respect from me? Never. What I am doing right now is not who I am but you've pushed me way too far and you continue to disrespect me as if I am not trying to be the best mom for my kids. You've been saying you wanna take your kids and live with them but also it's part of your games cause kaloku mna I'm not fit enough to live with my kids cause "I sleep around with Nigerians" like you would always say and God knows I thank those Nigerians cause their money takes care of my kids! And I sleep peacefully knowing that. The very same Nigerians that you always insult me about are the same one's that made sure that your kids have Xmas clothes in 2019 cause wena you decided to send 3k for food and clothes and I will never forget that December! I was down and out had just moved out of our home and you did that to your boys! 

"I don't care whether your things are going well or not I need you to make a change and make a plan for my kids! Just like I am working and "selling my pussy" to make sure I make provision for my kids nawe ke bhuti make a plan! I am tired of you! You are tiring and I want people to know what you are putting your kids through. Call me psycho or bitter at this point I don't give a fuck! For my kids I will do anything. I want a wheelchair for Juju! And I want you to make a plan like you have been promising the past 2 years. I can't be paying for physios alone! Speech therapists, occupational, hydrotherapy is needed make a plan!! 
And I pray that the mother of your last born never has to go through what I am going through right now cause wena when things go wrong with the baby mama you have proved to me that you also turn your back kwinzala yakho.

"@heavykdrumboss It took me a lot for me to get to this point.
When I say a lot, I mean a lot!
You have been nothing but toxic from our past relationship till this very day you are toxic! Co-parenting with you is one of the worst experiences I'm currently going through. It's a constant battle and it's sad because I've never seen this one coming. You've always loved your kids, always took care of them like a dad should but ever since the year 2019. Ever since we parted ways you kind of parted ways with your boys too, all they have now became is PR for your brand. 
You know how you always say "I'm selling my body to make money" Yes you are absolutely correct! Simply because you aren't doing enough and if it means that I need to get paid to sleep with a man so that I can make ends meet for my boys I will do it without thinking twice!  
You have a disabled 6 year old boy that is still unable to walk, who doesn't have a wheelchair, who doesn't have any medical coverage and that time all you ever send is 5k. They have a nanny that needs to be paid, there's school fees, transportation, medical needs, food. Who do you think pays for all that? Always comparing yourself with a person who doesnt even make half of what you make a month and I wanted to make something out of myself but because of your personal insecurities you never wanted me to spread my wings but rather live under your shadow and look where that has gotten me? Where it has gotten our kids! Cause if I was making my own trust and believe I wouldn't be even doing this cause I would take care of my own since you're failing to. I have been nothing but patient and respectful towards you but you don't appreciate kindness whenever you confronted about you not doing right towards your kids you label me as a "disrespectful" person or "pyscho". 

"Which I have already gotten used to cause you used to call me worse names during our relation so nje that one is within your character awuzincedi! If there's anything you are a bully of note and not only are you rude to me but even towards my own mother who is doing us nothing but a favour by raising our kids simply because I'm not stable enough as a mom to take care of my own."

Video below:

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