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Saturday, December 11, 2021

"Who's a better vocalist and artiste between Kelly Khumalo and Zonke Dikanaa?" - Mzansi speak

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South Africans have argued over who's a better artiste or vocalist between Zonke Dikanaa and Kelly Khumalo. (Read More Here).

Yesterday on South African Twitter, a debate or conversations ensued on who is better artiste. According to most South Africans, they said they kind of prefer Zonke to Kelly because she's controversy free and has more dignity. 

While another set of Mzansi are saying that Kelly Khumalo is a better vocalist than Zonke and even a better vocalist amongst South African artistes. 

The conversation started when a Twitter user, Mashesha, asked a question on Twitter, which reads: "Who is your all time favourite.... Kelly Khumalo and Zonke Dikana." 

Mzansi's opinions:

matebesi sehume
Replying to 
Kelly like Beyoncé, is still in her best zone and at peak in her music career in South Africa… Zonke was in her element so rn Kelly is really shifting the bar 
Don’t let your dislike for Kelly cloud your judgement here just cause Zonke is super quiet and stays out of trouble. 

I am Tom
Replying to 
Zonke looks like my ex and she's very deep I will always love her music Kelly khumalo is very talented at least I didn't compare.

uThole-uMfingo 🗯
Replying to 
Listen, Zonke is a queen musically, no doubt... But Kelly Weary faceFireFireFireFire ayy no MaKhumalo is what you call iNdlovukazi. The minute she starts singing, her voice demands respect.

eric maseko
Replying to 
She's clean and simple the best musical gifted human being, I love her , I don't have enough words for her beauty and style with dignity and she's not a disgrace to black women.

Marcel KingSa MBEWE
Replying to 
Put some respect on Zonke pls!!! Her voice is gold, she's a Goddess nd she's not for the steets if u know what I mean.. Pls never compare her with Kelly.

Replying to 
Zonke is the queen, scandal free, and has great manners. The comparison is not fair.

Replying to 
None of the above, I still believe in Simphiwe Dana, that one is a musical genius even her production and melody arrangements come second to none…

Replying to 
If Zonke was greater she'd be the one trending for her singing every now and then, Kelly Khumalo is a national key point. Anyway why do you even compare them.

Replying to 
Put Zonke and Lira. Then put Kelly against Ami Faku. Kelly is a good singer but cannot match Zonke.

Superman Wa Limpopo
Replying to 
We know why this streets won't say Kelly, But no one can sing like her in this country. Klaar.

An Influencer wrote: Feelings by Zonke can single Handley compete with all Kelly Khumalo albums combined!

Thakabanna Pholosi
The problem with you, you think personality, reputation. This is musically, Kelly murders most including Zonke. Kaofela.

Replying to 
Kelly have been trending for all the wrong reasons so Queen Zonke will take it. 

Spiyoyo's godmother
Replying to 
Zonke is a 
- Songwriter
- Producer
- Singer
- Composer 
In summary she brews music
Kelly is a great vocalist but she can't compete with Zonke please. I love both of them. 

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