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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Dj 'Makoya Bearings' Tira under fire over reaction tweet to late Riky 'Ricky' Rick

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South African Disc Jockey, Dj Tira, is currently under fire after his reaction tweet began to go viral. (Read More Here).

After it was announced that the famous rapper, Riky 'Ricky' Rick, had committed suicide, Dj Tira rushed to social media to react. 

While reacting, Tira, said that no one in South Africa cares about their celebrities. 

He wrote:

"No one cares about us! Asinakiwe! Depression is real!!! It's bad!!! I pray for all the fathers fighting to be heroes for their families. Stay strong my brothers. The father, The artist, always about love and helping others ❤️ love you always my brother 🙏🏾 ulale ngokuthula."

After sharing his tweet, it didn't sit well with some South Africans who began to drag him for tweeting such. 

Reactions from South Africans below:

Replying to 
Ay wena Tira you sleep with your full stomach there SO many people in this Coutry who sleep without any food so musa ukuphapha ufunwa ukunakwa uban?

Bhekzin Mabele
Replying to 
So nifuna ukunakwa nenziweni manje?ubani futhi onakiwe?and lucky u niphila impilo yobu millions,what Abt those living in the squatter camps?Naze nafuna ukutotoswa bo.

Replying to 
At least you afford few millions rand cars, imagine frustration poor of the poor masses go through on daily basis. They even get bullied by politicians mxm.

Symply Gorgeous
Replying to 
Everyone is going through something atleast wena u have food some slept on an empty stomach so dont make it about you. Uyakhinya yaz.

St Lacia🇿🇦@stlacia2020·3hReplying to @DJTiraMakoya you were busy promoting EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES just the other day.

Replying to 
Woza sizodla inhloko la workshop, sixoxe Tila nkabi yami.

Africa unte
Replying to 
Wen we talk about unemployment, crime n puttinh South Africans first nithulile, nywe nywe nywe no one cares... All you care about is the bag. Ya'll are quick to cry wen it affects you n your pockets.

SkatanaSaVaal🇿🇦 🇮🇹@kele_tebz·3hReplying to @DJTira and @NhlanhlaSompssBut even you guys don't care about us angithy we are broke y'all tell us about bank balances.

Bhebhi.gel 🎈@liion_m·2hReplying to @DJTiraFunny how the people that are here bashing Dj Tira are the very same people acting all sad and shit that Ricky Rick allegedly committed suicide due to cyber bullying. We are a fucked nation.

Replying to 
Do you care about us?? Just say RIP and stop annoying us.

Sbonelo Gift Nkomonde
Replying to 
Video Call your President again, angithi you did nisaphapha.

The Chauffeur👨‍💼@sbongizenzo·2hReplying to @DJTiraDo you remember what you did to me 14 years back?
This year marks 14 years since I lost my partner because of you, may her soul Rest In Peace.
I have not healed and am coming for you.

Mumbo🇿🇦@PhathaPhatha2·3hReplying to @DJTiraDon't make the issue about you now weTira! We all have problems. 70% unemployment is no joke. 
Sonke asinakiwe and at the brink of poverty.

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