EXCLUSIVE: Ex-wife, Aramide Arasky Onigbinde, and Iyabo Ojo fight dirty as Orlando Don Porosky is set to take a new wife KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Saturday, February 19, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-wife, Aramide Arasky Onigbinde, and Iyabo Ojo fight dirty as Orlando Don Porosky is set to take a new wife

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Aramide Arasky Onigbinde and Iyabo Ojo have thrown shades at each other as Orlando Don Porosky is getting ready to take another wife. (Read More Here).

According to information, Aramide Arasky Onigbinde and Orlando Don Porosky are officially separated, but the connection seems to be there. 

It was gathered that yesterday Iyabo Ojo and Aramide Arasky Onigbinde began to throw shade at each other over warning Iyabo Ojo failed to avoid. According to information, Aramide Arasky Onigbinde, had warned Iyabo not to wish Orlando a 'happy birthday', but she refused as she went ahead to celebrate him. 

Also, Orlando Don Porosky, is getting ready to take a new wife, which Gistlovers has promised to unveil very soon. 

Gistlovers wrote:

"Hello tueh tueh, otun ti zeh ooo, prick don cause fight again o as usual, But the one wey go cause fight pass now be say Orlando is set to marry another wife ooo for naija ooo, CODEDLY, their wedding bells is ringing, y'all remember Orlando now, the man wey talk fvck you for him pikin, wey pikin talk dayummmm, una remember the gist now?

"The wife name na Aramide Arasky Onigbinde, She and Iyabo Ojo used to be friends but trailer don pass their middle crush friendship, as it is now, them don dey drag themselves like I pass my neighbor generator since three days ago now.

"According to Aramide, she talk say she introduced her husband to Iyabobo back then,and now wey them no dey together( husband and wife separated) iyabo wan dey do clinching with the man, say iyabo dey arrange babe for the man for iyabo dead lounge, she talk say make iyabo no wish her man happy birthday again if not bottle go do gbau for iyabo head, but iyabo talk say she get coconut head ooo, say OGUN kee bottle, na so iyabo wish Orlando don porosky ( the husband) happy birthday leemeji oo(twice) na the matter we still dey try settle so, she talk say iyabo no dey siddon for husband house and Iyabo talk say she get bipolar, say Orlando na her egbon and nothing more,say she don see Orlando for her life na twice, when she did her mama burial and one other time but Aramide Onigbinde no gree ooo,the matter long gan but we still dey where we dey settle ooo, for where I dey try settle them sef, small bottle touch me, them tear my cloth. BUT I am scared ooo, the main issue wey go cause fight gangan isn't here yet oooo, Orlando don porosky is about to take a new bride in Nigeria ooo, we will unveil her identity soon, shey this matter fit settle bayi? If we say make we call buhari to come settle this matter like this, ear dey pain that one, he nor dey hear matter once, wo make I kuku carry my popcorn and fanta, but last warning for two of una, if bottle touch me again we go kuku scatter everywhere. I come in peace, igi ewedu oni wo pawa ooo."

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