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Sunday, February 20, 2022

FULL STORY about the demolition of Sonrisa Tourist’s Hotel in Diani Kwale

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Sonrisa Tourist’s Hotel in Diani Kwale was demolished on Friday evening following a court order issued on 17 February 2022 to Five Eleven traders and auctioneers. (Read More Here).

The Friday incident follows a court order issued by MBA High Court Justice Naikuni seeking to remove Estate Sonrisa Ltd & Ali Khan Ali Muse occupying part of Galu/Kinondo/50 parcels that belonged to S.K Macharia.

This was after S.K Macharia went to Mombasa high court in 2014 issuing demolition orders to respondents Ali Khan Ali Muses and Estate Sonrisa Ltd respectively. 

According to S.K Macharia, his plot Galu/Kinondo/50 measuring 1.7 hectares had been encroached about 1.1 hectares by his neighbours occupying Galu/Kinondo 48.  

The Court ruled that Galu/Kinondo 48 only measures 0.9 hectares and S.K Macharia had only been left with 0.6 hectares. Ali Khan Ali Muses and Estate Sonrisa Limited. 

Five Eleven traders and auctioneers officer Janvan Ngunda said they were only acting on court order and were only interested in putting up borders according to the direction of the court. 
Ngunda said, “It’s not true that S. K Macharia was grabbing the foreigner’s land since it is evident that the Polish national, according to court documents, had encroached on Macharias’ land.” 

Gabriel Musa called on Sonrisa hotel Director Iwon Strzeleka to apologize for claiming that Macharia grabbed his land. 

Earlier efforts to demolish the hotel attracted the Poland ambassador to Kenya who wrote to DPP Noordin Haji requesting him to ensure their national, Iwona Strzelecka and foreign investor on the matter, rights are protected. 

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