JUST IN: Blogger Cutie_Juls slams Actress Caroline for denying dating news with Timaya and also for calling out Timaya's babymama, Tamar KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

JUST IN: Blogger Cutie_Juls slams Actress Caroline for denying dating news with Timaya and also for calling out Timaya's babymama, Tamar

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nigerian accurate blogger, Cutie_Juls, has slammed Caroline who denied having sex or dating relationship with veteran singer, Timaya. (Read More Here).

Taking to social media a few days ago, Cutie_Juls, revealed that Caroline and Timaya are dating, but the relationship is shaky, due to the fact that Timaya doesn't want a long term relationship with the actress. 

As the news began to go viral on social media, Caro, decided to respond and in the process, she slammed Timaya, his babymama, Tamar and Cutie_Juls. She accused Tamar of sharing the news to Cutie_Juls. 

Responding to the dragging process, Cutie_Juls, says that it was Timaya who indeed spread the information about his dating relationship with him and not Tamar. 

According to Cutie_Juls, she revealed that Timaya bought Caro a bag after smashing her and other things she wrote. 

Cutie_Juls wrote:

"How some people deny their lovers in public but will be begging back door.
Caro, both you and Timaya are celebrities and Timaya is even a A-lister for that matter.

"Celebrity gossip is part of showbiz all over the world and you signed up for it. The gist about you and Timaya’s dating which is true isn’t a troll or anything to warrant being abusive. You could have replied and blast us without really having to use swearing words but hey guess we all as people from different backgrounds do things differently.

"Honey, the day you called Timaya begging him, he had lots of people at his and the phone was on speaker. Ask him. Babe, there is nothing desperate he didn’t use to describe you o. He even said he bought you a bag before knacking so to him, service paid but you want relationship which he isn’t ready for.
As for whatever you have with Tamar, na una 2 sabi. E no concern this user.

"Even Tamar sef after taking Timaya to grandvile for his cosmetic surgery around his boobs area, Timaya still dey yarn her matter so it will be surprising if she is indeed running other women down for this same Timaya.

"Well, since you want to be the bigger one, maybe you should use the same energy by sticking to drag and call the blogger names and leaving “your rival[s]” out, or?
Babe, This you and Timaya kini kon gbenzing gist na Timaya himself dey run am for town.
Take care and have a pleasant evening."

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