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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Possible protest loading as Kenyans call on government and president Uhuru to lower food prices in Kenya

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Kenyans are currently calling on their government and president Kenyatta Uhuru to lower food prices in Kenya. (Read More Here).

According to information, food prices have skyrocketed in Kenya, since President Kenyatta Uhuru resumed office. Some prices of food in Kenya: 2kgs Sugar- Ksh. 285, 
Cooking oil 5L-Ksh 1350, 
Rice a kilo-Ksh. 200, 400 grams of Bread @ Ksh. 60, etc. 

Food has become what 80% of the Kenyan population can't afford, hence, leading to the large increase of theft in different districts in Kenya. Children, mothers, fathers and farmers are currently feeling the pains of the high cost of living, which includes: food, house rents and many more. 

From the outrage amongst Kenyans, a few of them are calling for a live protest on the streets and roads in different districts in Kenya to make the government meet their demands by lowering food prices in the country. 

Reactions from Kenyans below:

VK Yegon
Good morning Kenyans, even as we advocate for #lowerfoodprice let us remember a presidential candidate in the name of 
 wants to continue with the current way of doing things/legacy/status quo.

Lulu pearls@lulekala_love·28mWhere are the introverts and the lazy people so we can claim we are The Geniuses! 🤣 #lowerfoodprice

Ben Karimi
Should we be advocating for lower food prices or tackle the issues facing agriculture in Kenya? #lowerfoodprice #LondonwardNakuru.

Chrisantus O.W
When basic commodities are affordable, living standard improves, everyone enjoys being a Kenyan irregardless of the political divide. What happened to this times, why is the government not common my mwananchi, it's time we reconsider as a nation.

Shikoh Kihika
The 12th Parliament has failed this country and we must acknowledge that the goonism and bribery is why we are where we are today as a country! Maybe reason enough to send most of these MPs home! #lowerfoodprice. 

If the Money won't refill your Gas, buy sugar, unga etc, Don't accept, Don't listen to them, wait for them on August 9
#lowerfoodprice 2kgs of Sugar. 

Peter Omari Taabu Ratemo
Kang’ata:Campaigns mean nothing because Kenyans have already decided.This election is more or less a referendum on how the Jubilee government has governed this country it will not be a vote against Raila but a vote against the incumbent Jubile #BottomUpEconomicKe

Mwanamke BOMBASS
Kenyans used to eat chicken now they eat like chicken #lowerfoodprice. 

SENATOR🇰🇪@GideonK00091516·14hNimeenda kufuliza 560 kununua 2litre ya mafuta ya kupika, only to find my gas is empty and need to be refilled with another 1300😢
Mr president please lower the food prices hustlers are suffering out there trying to make ends meet.

Mwanamke BOMBASS
Kenyans used to eat chicken now they eat like chicken #lowerfoodprice. 

I know haiwahusu but I finally have a kamba babe, I am enjoying the maembe excellence
#lowerfoodprice #KenyaHasRules Tononoka. 

As a comrade,I woke up ugly and emaciated juu nakulanga one meal a day #lowerfoodprice. 

Kenya Kwanza Alliance
Kenyans are suffering due to the high cost of living. Instead of focusing on #lowerfoodprice & bringing unity, the president is keen on putting a clown at his seat. It won't happen. 

*Root cause of this, is high expenditure by the government which relies heavy on debts. 

We have to conduct a Countrywide Protest! Twitter trend isn't enough. we can't be buying sugar 1kg ksh250 and cooking oil 1L at ksh290 bana. This exploitation! Is Kenya even a country? 
There is no equality in this country. The poor are starving. 

Politicians have it in their power to bring food prices down. But doing so will require ending the bias against big commercial farms and genetically modified crops and doing away with damaging subsidies—the giants of populism, bolstered by both illusion and greed.#lowerfoodprice.

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