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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

RSPCA and cat lovers criticise footballer Kurt Zouma over video of him kicking an slapping his cat

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that RSPCA and cat lovers have criticised West Ham footballer, Kurt Zouma, over his viral video of him kicking and slapping his cat. (Read More Here).

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “This is a very upsetting video. It’s never acceptable to kick, hit or slap an animal, for punishment or otherwise.”

Dr Maggie Roberts, of charity Cats Protection, said: “Any person seen or suspected of treating an animal badly, whether this is physical violence, neglect or any other form of cruelty should be reported to the RSPCA.

“The police work closely with the RSPCA to investigate cases of animal cruelty. Cats are sentient beings and experience pain and fear. Beating up a cat will only cause it to suffer physically and mentally."

Reactions from cat lovers:

dominic dyer
Highly paid spoilt footballers abusing animals West Ham ace Kurt Zouma filmed KICKING and slapping his pet cat in horrific video.

ConnorFlag of TurkeyTiger face
Kurt Zouma, you vile human being. Rip up his contract immediately. This is absolutely disgusting and inexcusable.

Footballers with animals
The video being shared of Kurt Zouma is deeply disturbing, so here are some wonderful footballers showing love to cats.

Sir Savage The 21st
Benjamin Mendy, Mason Greenwood and Kurt Zouma linking up in prison.

Alex Belfield
Never heard of this scum sucking pondlife. Footballer Kurt Zouma…
Hope this pig rots in hell and someone kicks him like a football.
Another vile footballer that should be deleted from public life and locked up in jail Face with symbols over mouth 
What is wrong with these people. 

Katie McCabe
Pouting facePouting facePouting face absolutely unacceptable behaviour!!!

Dan Wootton
·+As a cat owner, Kurt Zouma’s abuse of his pet has made me feel physically sick tonight.
How could someone treat their animal like this for sport and cheap laughs?
He must never own a cat again.

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