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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

VIDEO: Why Nigerian Tiktoker and muscular gym dancer, Grooving Gorilla, named himself such

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that a Nigerian muscular dancer and Tiktoker, Clive Ibizugbe, is currently going viral on social media, especially on Twitter and on Tiktok. 

He started going viral after dancing in front of a black man at an eatery. Before dancing, he was seen having some bite from his hamburger. Since then, he's been trending on Twitter. 

Groovin Gorilla currently has over 123k followers on Instagram and over 85K followers on Tiktok. Currently, he was seen in a sponsored ads on Instagram for Vqfit. 

Apparently, a few African-Americans are hating on him for giving himself such a name, 'Grooving Gorilla.'

Clive Ibizugbe is his real name and he's a Nigerian, who hails from Edo State. He's living in the United States of America for a few years now. 

He's also a citizen of the United States of America. He's 30 years old. According to sources, he was paid the sum of $35K for the sponsored Instagram ads for Vqfit. 

Numerous sources are saying he's going to be having an interview soon on Ellen's show. Why did he name himself 'Grooving Gorilla?' 

According to information, Clive Ibizugbe, named himself Grooving Gorilla because he has been bullied in the past by racist people, who said he looked like a 'Gorilla - relating to an ape.'

As he decided to gain fame on the internet, he decided to name himself 'Grooving Gorilla' to shame his haters and racists, who might resurface in the future as they are currently doing. 

Grooving Gorilla dances with airpods in front of people, especially in front of white people and he loves dancing in public areas, such as: gym, shopping malls, and other public places. 

Recently, he did an incredible and well choreographed video with popular African-American female dancer, Sosa. 

Video below:

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