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Sunday, March 6, 2022

"But you're friends with Euphonik" - Mzansi CBD Twitter blast Pearl Thusi who brought up Zola 7's GBV case

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South African actress, Pearl Thusi, is currently under fire for bringing up Zola 7's GBV case as search and donations for the rapper are ongoing. (Read More Here).

Taking to his Twitter page yesterday, Rumani spoke about Zola 7's battle with epilepsy and also how South African celebrities haven't reached out to him, but when he passes away, they would be the first to talk about him. 

He wrote: "If we can lose a legend like Zola 7 ryt now celebrities will all be acting up acting clever like they used to cook pap for him. No one is lifting him up now during difficult situation. The only person I saw last year lifting him up was Cass the rest are just clout chasers."

After sharing his tweet, Pearl Thusi, stylishly brought up his GBV case in her tweet, which reads: "The awkward GBV moment kinda made things a bit tricky." 

After sharing her tweet, CBD Twitter users began to drag her as they remind her of how she sided with Euphonik, who reportedly engaged in a GBV with Bonang Matheba. 

Reactions from CBD Twitter below:

Replying to 
Were you not supporting Euphonis at some stage...kahle wena wena khaladi lomkokotelo.

Mamba Lendze 🇿🇦@gininda_p·9hReplying to @PearlThusiYou are best friends with abusers. You don't have to say something all the time sometimes remain on the sidelines don't be so evil heal from the past.

Soulful Dee
Replying to 
I guess all you are saying is that you are scared of cancel culture to show support for him because they drag you all the way until you loose everything as they are rejoicing to see him out and down.

Replying to 
Are you still not friend's with Euphonic?

Simply Msayza 🇿🇦@paziwele·6hReplying to @PearlThusiSo we accepted Zola's assistance knowing about his alleged GBV shenanigans but now because we must help him the alleged GBV shenanigans are a problem? How hypocritical.

Replying to 
Wasn't Mandela also violent against him wife. Am I the only one who watched that part in the movie?

EFF Funder🔴🇿🇦@NguSinga·5hReplying to @PearlThusiLe GBV ivuswa xakuthanda imiqala yenu Pearl. Till This day, You have not spoke on Euphonik brutally abusing Bonang.

Replying to 
Which one now??? Didn't he say in an interview with MacG that those stories were made up?? Lance paid the woman??? Or did I miss something???

Replying to 
It is clear what Pearl is saying. It is up to a individuals how you interpret her twitter to suit your narrative.

Replying to 
Yet wena you laughed at Bonang when she got abused by Themba, you were cheerleading for him futhi ..... Amadouble standards enu Pearl, Cima lamasimba!!!!

Replying to 
There was a certain someone called Euphonic who allegedly abused 
 dragging the lady here on Twitter calling her hlanyos&all. You were tiptoeing around him like a primary school girl praising him at any chance you got. Wasn't that GBV ?? #SupportZola7

Sc⭕tts Emulsion🧡😋🇿🇦@hleaux·12hReplying to @PearlThusiSo those allegations erases all the good he has done for this country?

Replying to 
Same as you getting pregnant whilst endorsing condoms yeah?

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