Journalist Maria Pevchikh exposes deep secrets about Sergei Lavrov, his actual wife, Svetlana Polyakova and his step Londonian daughter, Polina KovalevaPolina Kovaleva KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Journalist Maria Pevchikh exposes deep secrets about Sergei Lavrov, his actual wife, Svetlana Polyakova and his step Londonian daughter, Polina KovalevaPolina Kovaleva

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that popular journalist, Maria Pevchikh, has revealed some deep secrets about Sergei Lavrov, his actual wife; Svetlana Polyakova and his step daughter, Polina Kovaleva. (Read More Here).

Maria Pevchikh wrote:

"I would like you to meet Polina Kovaleva. Polina is a 26-year-old glamorous Russian girl from London🇬🇧. She lives in a huge apartment in Kensington and loves to party, her instagram feed looks like a non-stop holiday. That’s not unheard of, but there is one small detail…(THREAD). 

"Polina is the stepdaughter of Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov. Yes, THAT Lavrov. He is one of Putin's closest allies, his loyal talking head full of hot air and now also a war criminal.

"Putin’s cronies often have two families at the same time. Putin himself, while being married to Ludmila Putina, had a second family with former gymnast Alina Kabaeva. Minister of Defence Shoigu had two wives and two sets of children simultaneously. And Lavrov is no different.

"Lavrov has had the ‘official’ wife for the past 50 years. No one has heard of her or seen them together in public in ages, though. As opposed to this lady, Svetlana Polyakova. She is the actual wife, they have been together since the early 2000s. 

"Unlike Lavrov's official wife, that woman is loaded. She bought an apartment in Moscow worth $6-8m. In the picture below you can see Svetlana’s car collection. Not bad for an unemployed lady. 

"Svetlana also accompanies Lavrov on every official foreign affairs trip. Sometimes she even takes her 78 y.o. mother and her niece. The whole family are listed as members of the diplomatic mission. We found out that Polyakova has used the MFA plane more than 60 times.

"Our glamorous Londoner Polina is her daughter from a previous marriage. Here are the pictures that Polina took at her mom’s house in Moscow. There are portraits of Lavrov on the table, very cute. On the third shot you can see Lavrov himself in the flesh.

"Polina’s mom and Lavrov have been together for around two decades now. Polina’s biological dad isn’t super rich. She doesn’t have an oligarch husband. But at the age of 21, she bought this apartment in London on Kensington High Street for £4.4m. 

"She paid cash. No mortgage. £4.4m. Can anyone explain how this is possible? Her only source of money is her unemployed mother who happens to be Lavrov’s informal wife. This is the textbook example of unexplained wealth. The property can be legally seized right now.

"Lavrov accused the UK of using chemical weapons TWICE. First time he claimed that the UK staged the Salisbury poisoning. And more recently he publicly accused me of poisoning my boss, @navalny, with Novichok at the request of the UK secret services, which he claims I work for. 

"Lavrov gave numerous speeches about the evil anglo-saxon world and the awful liberal western countries who want to destroy Russia and Ukraine. So why on Earth does his step-daughter live in the centre of London? Why not in Crimea or Donbass, why doesn’t she move there? 

"Polina and her mom must get sanctioned. Polina has to pack her Louis Vuitton suitcases, say goodbye to her British life and leave the UK. Should she not be able to explain where she got the £4.4m from, her property must be arrested under the Unexplained Wealth Order procedure. 

"Here is the list of the Lavrov family members who should never be allowed to set foot on the UK soil ever again: 
Polina Kovaleva 04.06.1995
Svetlana Polyakova 28.11.1970
Tamara Polyakova 01.05.1948
Valeria Polyakova 09.08.2003
Sergey Lavrov 21.03.1950. 

"You can find a much more detailed version of this story in our video (English subtitles available). Enjoy!" 
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