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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

JUST IN: Court interdicts Dirco's R50m Cuba donation

AfriForum has won an urgent interdict blocking government's R50-million donation to Cuba. (Read More Here).

Dirco contended that it was well within its rights to donate the money through its African Renaissance and International Cooperation Fund.

AfriForum will now submit a review application to reverse government's donation decision.

I hate to have to agree with Afriforum but they’re right to interdict the government about their donation to Cuba. I love the Cuban people but this is bad timing gents. We need that R 50 mil more right now.

Neukircher said: "None of the respondents could claim that they would suffer any harm were the R50 million donation to be put on hold whilst the matter was adjudicated on its complete merits."Neukircher also ordered the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) and National Treasury to pay the costs of the urgent application.

AfriForum pledges to continue its fight against outrageous and wasteful expenditure, which is squandering taxpayers' money.

"The judgment was somewhat unexpected as Neukircher last week warned that AfriForum's application may have been premature and premised on shaky legal arguments. 

"During the presentation of arguments, Neukircher warned AfriForum's legal representative, Johan Hamman, that the applicants were misreading communication provided by Dirco and National Treasury.

As such, she said, AfriForum was premising its legal bid on a shaky foundation. 

Neukircher corrected Hamman, who kept alluding to the letter from the aforementioned departments as meaning that the donation had been concluded. 

"It's the decision to donate, not the donation. It [the letter from Dirco and National Treasury] does not say the donation has been done. It says we [the two departments] have decided to donate, and the decision to donate was concluded in line with the prescribed regulations.

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