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Thursday, March 10, 2022

LAMBA VIDEO: "I poured 17 molly in my mouth" - Nigerian man says as he narrates experience with suspected gunmen

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that a yet-to-be identified Nigerian man has narrated his experience with suspected gunmen (either armed forces or armed robbers). (Read More Here).

In the trending video, the young man is seen narrating his experience in the hands of suspected gunmen with his neighbours, who sat down comfortably to listen to his lies. 

The interpretation below:

"They were spraying our door with bullets gigigigige for like 2hrs (audience: wetin happen). They were just spraying the door, it did not break, ehh omo (audience exclaims silently in disbelief: ahh ahh). 
I just thought wahala don come oo, i look around, we sharpaly tidy up. 

"2. Molly wey dey table, I quickly pack dem, like 17 tablets, I pour that one for mouth say dat one should just dey there (audience exclaims again in finesse disbelief). They were spraying the door continuously e no gree break, dats how they shot RPG, ehhh gbaa, naso the RPG break. 

"3. Door enter room, I just used ash tray (fortified with Thor's Hammer) to send the RPG back, GBOOOOO! It just went back to them.. I just sharpaly sight window, I just flew from the window, 8 STOREY BUILDING (audience shakes head and exclaims in complete astonishment: ehh ehh)..

"4. I flew from the window, I was coming down, as I landed Gbeee! They've surrounded me, i didn't know another squad was downstairs, i just landed in their midst and i thought ohhhh Fkk! they don catch me! i just looked at the loud in my hand and I just took 2 puffs. 

"5. ..(audience: ahh ahh) omo naso dem carry enter car, omo eno easy oo
Audience (in disbelief and utter shooknees): ahh ahh my friend...." 

Video below:

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