"These APC idiots" - Nigerians send powerful curses to Iyabo Awokoya and others who mocked Dr. Chinelo when she cried out during bandits attack on Abuja-Kaduna train KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

"These APC idiots" - Nigerians send powerful curses to Iyabo Awokoya and others who mocked Dr. Chinelo when she cried out during bandits attack on Abuja-Kaduna train

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nigerians have started sending heavy curses to APC supporters who mocked the moment Late Doctor Chinelo cried out during terrorists attack on Abuja-Kaduna train yesterday evening. (Read More Here).

According to information, the people who insulted or mocked Dr. Chinelo are: Iyabo Awokoya, Abolore, Gbenga Gold, Woye and Ishaka. 

Photos below:

Reactions from Nigerians below:

Man of Letters.
·lIyabo Awokoya, You’re always on the wrong side of history, oozing negativity, cheering disasters and tragedy all in the name of politics. 
Someday, you will give account of this to your maker, but before that day, you will experience it. This darkness will consume you. 

Know their names  
1. Gbenga Gold, 
2.Iyabo Awokoya (AKA Mama Poverty), 
3. Woye
4. Ishaka 
They are Buhari’s supporters and Tinubu’s fans too who mocked Dr. Chinelo. 
They are worst than Murderers. don’t ever forget their names.

Woye, Iyabo Awokoya, Gbenga Gold, Ishaka & others saw her name is Dr. Chinelo & BOOM💥Igbophobia in them started running wild. SW APC threatened Chinelo in the language she would understand. You share a country with people who jumps at any little chance to malign the Igbos.

Ayobami 🇺🇦
That Iyabo Awokoya woman basically confirmed that the APC sponsored Boko Haram Pre 2015 to gain power.

Rinu Oduala 🔥🔫
Replying to 
You have done this to old age. Have you considered how your last days will be, Iyabo.

Some of the APC idiots who basically mocked yesterday's victims are;
Gbenga Gold
Iyabo Awokoya
Putting the list here for everyone to see because just like Olusegun they are going to be dragged/ridiculed in the coming days.

Adesola Odetokun
That Abolore guy should remove ‘lover of God’ from his bio
He is a messenger from the devil.

I pray this Abolore dude gets deported to Nigeria to enjoy what he supports fully. So help me God.

Adewale Adetona
How can you be in the UK 🇬🇧 and wishing death on a fellow Nigerian just because of paltry amount a Nigerian political party is paying you? I’ve said it before, for your own sanity, block all these APC jobbers on here; Iyabo Poverty, Abolore, Ayourb and co.

🔌Mr AGBO 👑
Nigeria can happen to you anywhere, any time and any day. Dr Chinelo will never be forgotten and the responses she got from Abolore, Woye, Iyabo and their cohorts will also not be forgotten.

Isaacoed Buchi Jamie™️
I just hope When you all look at the mirror of your digital footprints, you can still see your soul. This is disheartening💔.
#Abolore #chinelo #Nigerians #nigeriavsghana.

FestusGreen #PeterObi
The people that were posting hate comments on that Dr Chinelo's SOS tweet were Yorubas.
From Woye to Iyabo Awokoya to Saka to Afolabi to Abolore.
All Yorubas. We all saw the tweets. Deleting won't make us unsee them. Idiots.
South West BMC's are the vilest set of e-bandits. 

Ada Idemmili
Look at this man's tweet on Chinelo's last post. This is the type of people Nigerian APC government is creating, heartless set of people. Abolore, may death never depart from your family, may sorrow be part of your life forever, as Chinelo family mourn, may you mourn too. Amen!

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