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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Ugandans lament as bar and detergent soap skyrocket to SHs 10K in Uganda

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that the cost of soap (bar and detergent) has skyrocketed to SHs10K in Uganda. What could be sudden cause of increment of soap in Uganda? (Read More Here).

According to a few places in Uganda, soap goes for 10K Ugandan shillings and in some places, it goes for 11K Ugandan shillings. Ugandans are seriously unhappy with the prices of soaps nationwide. 

Reactions from Ugandans below:

Bën ėnginėėr✊
I don’t normally brag about buying expensive things but i have just bought 3 bars of soap.

The Print Bro
You have 2k, colgate or soap?

Teso's Lastborn.
Please stop leaving kids at you're shops, I have just bought a bar of soap at 1,400.

Unemployed youth
We have MPs threatening to sabbotage someones career when asked for accountability now even witchcraft ehhh you people no wonder the price of a tree of soap is up there.

What do you have to say about the price of soap and cooking oil.

Da albertine son
Me thinking on wether to wash my 5k t-shirt with soap of 10k or buy more two.

KeLLy SLender Ug🇺🇬
-No Bank Governor
-No speaker
-Soap is expensive
-Fuel is expensive
-Beer is cheap
-People are bleaching
-Kids are coughing
-Party events everywhere
-Its so hot everywhere.
U Can even add yours.

Jeje 🇺🇬
So even NRM supporters are buying soap at 10k oba for them they have discounts. 

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