VIDEO: Fans rejoice after rapper, Jack Harlow, gets cleared of racist 'N-Word' in his song '21C/Delta' KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, March 31, 2022

VIDEO: Fans rejoice after rapper, Jack Harlow, gets cleared of racist 'N-Word' in his song '21C/Delta'

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that US rapper, Jack Harlow, has been accused of using 'N-Word' in his newly released rap song, titled, '21C/Delta.' (Read More Here).

Yesterday, Jack Harlow, is seen rapping or reciting some lyrics of his new song, and immediately some fans began to say he used the 'N-Word', which is the Nigga. 

Fortunately, a few fans began to browse the lyrics of the song and found out that the Jack Harlow didn't use the 'N-Word.'

The part reads: "“Nickie Jon engineered it”. 

Reactions from fans below:

ppl are claiming Jack Harlow said the n word but the clip I saw is his singing to one of his songs…the lyric is “Nickie John engineered it” ppl hate Jack Harlow so much they wanna lie ab him…sad world we living in. 

if y’all see the n word thing about jack harlow it says “nickie jon engineered it” just letting y’all know cause mfs have been passing this clip around so hard 😭 i was like ong he is a racist! till i read the lyrics and looked like a fool. 

Montero 🦋 {Parody}
jack harlow is my baby and would never say the n word y’all just wanna hate him cause he’s prettier than u. 

Stanley Ipkiss
I hate how we've normalized casually spreading misinformation. There are so many urgent issues in the world that deserves your energy. A video of Jack Harlow not actually saying the n word isn't, nor will never be on that list. Just stop. 

sooo jack harlow said the n word, zoe kravitz is a pedo & shane dawson of ALL people is having a baby.. lord it’s only wednesday. 

 yall need to relax lmfao let this man thrive. 

Video below:

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