VIDEO: Kenyans seek justice for Ebbie Samuels who got murdered and beaten to death by deputy principal at Gatanga CCM KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

VIDEO: Kenyans seek justice for Ebbie Samuels who got murdered and beaten to death by deputy principal at Gatanga CCM

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Kenyans are currently seeking justice for late Ebbie Samuels, who was murdered by the deputy principal at Gatanga CCM. 

According to information, the deputy principal at Gatanga CCM  had beaten Ebbie with a Bunsen burner pipe for oiling her hair in class. 

According to information, the incident had happened on q Saturday morning, which took place 3 years ago, and till now, no justice has been served for late Ebbie. 

After being beaten by deputy principal at Gatanga CCM, she was rushed to Naidu hospital, where she wasn't even given an treatment; but pronounced her dead on arrival. 

According to Ebby's mother, she said her daughter was hated in the school, because she was a Jamaican (her father is a Jamaican). 

Kenyans are currently calling for the arrest of the deputy principal at Gatanga CCM. Ebbie had died of blunt force trauma, according to autopsy.

Reactions from Kenyans below:

Ebbie's story is back to light. Perpetrator still walking free together with her accomplices. Justice is still being delayed and bound to be denied 
 and any other relevant authority swing to action!#justiceforebbie. 

Manzi wa Nairobi
How do you beat someone's child to death because she was oiling her hair???? and the threaten other students so they don't speak up???

Kūūmīrīo kūūmīrīo
Raise your voices. This is a heart wrenching narration of a Mother's quest for Justice. This Nation is a crime scene for so many. Please help get #JusticeForEbbie. 

High schools in Kenya need an overhaul. There are so many things wrong with them. They can damage, and have damaged, people. You go in whole, you come out partially, if not completely, traumatised. Toxic environments, most of them are.

Manzi wa Nairobi
So glad that Ebbie's story is finally being brought to light and that her former classmates are speaking up 
The deputy principal at Gatanga CCM murdered Ebbie Samuels and three years later her family has gotten NO justice

Zolesa 🧚🏽‍♀️
Ebbie Noelle Samuels did not deserve to die. She was a child who was bullied and harrassed for nothing. The Gatanga CCM administration did nothing to stop this. They fueled the situation and harmed this young girl then tried to cover up her death

Video below:

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