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Friday, March 11, 2022

VIDEO: "Moja Love loves benefitting off the pains of black people" - Mzansi criticise Moja Love over new show, X Repo

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that popular TV channel, Moja Love, is set for another show, X Repo, which will premiere on Saturday, April 2, 2022. (Read More Here).

Taking to his social media platforms, Phil Mphela, shared a video showing the new show, X Repo, which gives of the host repossessing properties of South Africa citizens. 

As the video began to go viral, Mzansi, got angry as they said that Moja Love loves enjoying and profiting off the pains of black people in South Africa. 

Reactions from Mzansi below:

Moja love and always humiliating black people is rubbish, how do you find pleasure in people's struggles. 

Dr NGITHE Nginentombi (YMCMB; WWE SABC). 
Of course! It just had to be Moja Love. 

Moja love is giving the people the content they want:If these shows didn't appeal to the people then none will invest their production money in making them.
So don't limit your outrage to Moja-love. 

S'tlhakana Tlhogo™
The people who work at moja love have no souls. 

Perfect Hlongwane
The way in which this Moja Love is mining Black pain, the mindlessness of this wave of reality TV, is a level of depravity that I find hard to comprehend, much less accept. 

Thokozane Maloka
Moja Love needs to make a show on Government failures, I'm sure it will be a hit. 

Dr _Pienaar
As Blacks we're so used to negativity that we can't even embrace positive things. TV e.g moja love is documenting black down falls enough so we need to also document the love we share amongst each other to change the narrative. 

Motla πŸ–€
Moja Love TV Channel and making a mockery out of black people's miseries, all in the name of ratings, sad part is it is run by fellow black people. 
One channel that needs to be boycotted. 

Cameron Kendall
Moja Love makes money from the pain of Black people. 

People who were supposed to call out Moja Love for their nonsense are on their payroll to promote their useless shows
Verified accounts with no shame!!
They’ll be tweeting about this new repo show that will be making black people a laughing stock.

Video below:

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