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Friday, March 25, 2022

VIDEO: Nigerians roast Ghana for making Super Eagles jump from plane with 'Pharaoh Let My People steps' at Kumasi Airport

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Super Eagles have been made to jump out from their plane in a 'not so nice' way at Kumasi Airport. (Read More Here).  

According to information, Nigerian footballers arrived in Ghana yesterday ahead of the World Cup Qualifiers game tonight. 

In the trending video, Super Eagles of Nigeria were seen jumping from the aeroplane. After the video began to go viral, Nigerians rushed to social media to drag Ghana for welcoming the Nigerian team in such a way. 

Reactions from Nigerians below:

Musa Ahmed💭
Where are those Ghana-Nigerians who always despise Nigeria coz of Ghana? Una see ba. 🤷
When next they come to Nigeria, we'll just give them a wooden ladder or even a rope as boarding stairs.
What a primitive way to welcome your guests. 

Ghanaians I hope you guys are coming to Nigeria with your own runway... Because we go serve una Hot. 

Checkout Jordan Ayew arrival in the same Kumasi airport. GHANA did this deliberately. 

Derrick Oshoke Philip
When them come nigeria, the plane will go and drop them in a desert in the North(maiduguri) & put them in 48 hours bus travel to Lagos. Then make Sure they journey on Sunday afternoon pass shagamu in d afternoon when redeem church just close. 

Daniel Regha
Ghanaians gave Super Eagles a very poor welcoming, but if Nig decide to reciprocate the same energy they will be up in arms; This is truly embarrassing. I just hope the stadium isn't sub-standard like the boarding stairs they provided. Best wishes to Nigeria in the upcoming game.

Reading the comments from Nigerians, it's funny ooo. We hope ur hotels are good blah blah blah Like Nigeria is some developed country bi. Masa make we think. 

When the Ghanaian players arrive Naija for the return match, hope they won’t mind climbing down with rope?

Video below:

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