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Saturday, March 5, 2022

VIDEO: Reactions as BBMzansi, Mpho kisses and pecks Gash1 before sleeping in her bed after Saturday night party

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 star, Mpho has kissed and also pecked Gash1 before lying in her bed after Saturday night party last night. (Read More Here).

In the trending video, Gash1 and Mpho were seen discussing at night after the Saturday party. Suddenly, Mpho and Gash1 kissed and pecked each other. 

After everything, Mpho, laid in her bed while Gash1 took care of her a bit. As the video began to go viral, Thato fans especially began with to react. 

According to most Thato, they said that Mpho goes for any guy Thato shows interest in. 

Reactions from Mzansi below:

Princess Maga
Wait does the housemates even know that Thato and Gash1 are a thing? no eish are they actually a thing? Because Gash1 was with Yoli just last week. So Mpho was just kissing a single guy. 

Ayanda Myeza
Kiss him wena babe if you want to!! We tired of leMsunu who think they can just drag you mxm!! We all know gash has always had a crush on you!! Thato is Yoli's friend but the streets are quite mxm!! I will defend till the last day. 

Mpho📿/Themba👻 stan✨@Mphowobadimo·6hLol is Thato in a relationship with Gash1?if yes what we need to talk about is why she went for a guy that her so called friend (Yoli) really liked and they had a thing going on which she very much knew. 

🔱Mpho The First Lady📿🔱@Jessica71398193·6hSo it's only now that Mpho pecked gash that Thato realises she likes him
Kanti when he was fingering Yoli she didn't have a problem
Hai la bhora Shem. 

Florence Nabunya
One day we with talk about how Mpho goes after every guy that shows interest in Thato, Libo, Themba now Gash1 #BBMzansi

Video below:

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