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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Working class mother picks up her dead 3-month-old baby at a crèche

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it a working class woman has gotten the biggest surprise of her life. The surprise is all about her 3-month-old child. (Read More Here).

Taking to social media, a popular story teller, Lolo Cynthia, revealed that a yet-to-be identified working class mother when to a crèche to her baby, only to find out he's passed away. 

The teachers at his crèche couldn't explain how and when the 3-month-old baby died. The story has caused serious uproar in Nigeria. 

Lolo Cynthia wrote:

"A friend dropped her 3 months old healthy baby at creche and she came back to pick his dead body.
Nobody understands what happened
The teachers at the creche said they don't know what happened.
My God in heaven! I am beyond hurt.

"This woman just wanted to get back to her job and needed somewhere safe to keep her baby.
She found a creche literally 2 mins from home.
God!!!!! This is too much." 

Reactions from Nigerians below:

Some of you just opine on sensitive issues without critical thought or any iota of empathy.
Since Crèche/Nanny is a taboo to you, what do you expect a working Mum in Nigeria to do with her <6 month old kid
Resign? Or drop the child in HR’s office every morning? Tell me.

This creche talk... I know for a fact that most women cry after dropping their babies at the creche for the first few days. Weeks even.We should be addressing the real problems - systemic pressures that make women return to work too early.

Why is it strange that a 3 months old has to be dropped off at creche?
After maternity leave , you stop getting paid ; so how will a new mom feed if she doesn't go back to work?
Does your own company give 10months maternity leave ? OR allow moms to bring new borns to work?!

Lidocaine🔆@trending_medic·4hSome of you will be in for a shocker when you have a baby. By the time you look at your siblings who are bank managers, IT engineers and doctors, you look at your cousins who you don't talk to cos you think their mothers are witches, eyes go clear. You go begin price creche.

Èrin Lakataábu@TheOgbeniOpa·6hWetin 3 months old pikin dey do for crèche fgs ? 😭😭😭😭 you people no dey think this thing well before wu na engage oh.

Soft Mummy
They’d drag women that wants to be housewives. 
They’d drag women that work and leave their kids with professionals aka crèche. 
They’d drag women that employ the services of maids. 
They’d drag women that carry their kids everywhere “she should have left the kid at home”

Aisha Yesufu
Some of you were locked up in the houses for your mothers to dash out and get things done and you are here attacking someone that took her child to the creche.

On this crèche matter, I’d rather listen to those who have kids. People who have experienced the struggle.

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