The world pays tribute to victims of Waheen Market fire in Hargeisa, Somaliland KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Saturday, April 2, 2022

The world pays tribute to victims of Waheen Market fire in Hargeisa, Somaliland

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that the world has paid tribute to the victims of Waheen Market fire in Hargeisa, which occurred yesterday. (Read More Here).

It was gathered that in the early hours of Saturday, fire outbreak occurred in Waaheen Market, Hargeisa, Somaliland, destroying over 2,000 plus stores and goods. 

According to the Somaliland fight service, the fire service trucks aren't enough and money to help rebuild Hargeisa market isn't enough also. Hence, the reason for the GoFundMe donations. 

Over 56 people have donated so far. Somaliland Fire Service's information reads:

"My name is Sagal Mohamed, I work as volunteer project manager at Better health Somaliland with my sister Ayan Mohamoud, The Former Ambassador for Somaliland to UK, have initiated a fundraising appeal on behalf of Somaliland Fire & Rescue Service. We hope to reach the people of Somaliland, it's diaspora and all those who have passion and support for the vital work carried out by emergency and rescue services in East of Africa.

"Please strengthen Somaliland Fire Service with ambulances and medical equipment by supporting this fundraising campaign which has been organised in collaboration with chief Swahili and fundraising partners.

"We hope to raise £50,000 Pound to cover the cost of for 3 ambulances with all the necessary medical equipments, logistics and transportation, to serve the people of Somaliland, who desperately need emergency medical services. Any funds left thereafter will be spend on strengthening Somaliland Fire and Rescue service with the essential equipments they need.
"We hope the generated interest and momentum created from this initial campaign will also translate to more funding pledges and investment into Somaliland Fire & Rescue from stakeholders and interested parties in the development of Somaliland Emergency Services, whether its individual donations or business/cooperation investment.
  Thank you for your contributions,
 Sagal Mohamed (Ashour), Ayan Mohamoud and Somaliland Fire and Rescue."

"The town has never witnessed such a massive calamity," the city's mayor Abdikarim Ahmed Moge told reporters.

"This place was the economic centre of Hargeisa and even though the firefighters did their best to contain the fire, the market is destroyed."

Somaliland has a high rate of unemployment and the market was a lifeline for many poor families who depended on it to make a living. The fire happened just a few hours after the month of Ramadan began, when food business traditionally booms.

Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi said the fire had destroyed goods worth millions of dollars.

Reactions from The World below:

Shabnam Nasimi
Shocked by the scenes of fire in #Hargeisa on the eve of Ramadan. I urge the international community to act urgently to prevent further damage to the city. 
Hoping and praying lives have not been lost. 

Kasim Wise
I think most Somalilanders around the world are unable to sleep with what is happening in #Hargeisa, but alhamdulliah we are resilient people who have overcome other disasters. We built Somaliland ourselves and we’ll rebuild what was destroyed tonight and more. #HargeisafireSL.

Zamzam Ibrahim
My heart goes out to all the businesses and families impacted by the fires in #Hargeisa, it’s time like these the diaspora needs to help our beautiful Hargeisa rebuild! Please share any fundraiser for our people!!

Mohamed Ali Bile
So sad to see #Hargeisa city downtown burned down. God bless home.

Lizzie Walker
Devastating scenes emerging here in #Hargeisa, we’re continuing to work closely with the government to establish the specific needs & how we can support. It is clear that despite extraordinary efforts by Sawahili 
 to tackle the fire many livelihoods have been lost.

Sagal M. Ashour
I urge the resident of #hargeisa to stay away from suuqa hargeisa. Our fire men will get this fire under control. 
They need your support and collaboration. 
Please stay away.

Stephen Doughty MP
Shocked by the scenes from #Hargeisa #Somaliland - hoping and praying lives have not been lost.
I am already in contact with 
 capacity + urge international community to do all can to provide urgent assistance to tackle disaster + consequences.

Senator Shehu Sani
Terrorism anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere #HargeisaFire #Hargeisa.

Rushanara Ali 💙
My thoughts are with all those affected by this terrible fire, including my constituents with loved ones in #Hargeisa. Thx 
 for reaching out to 
 on behalf of our 
 to urge international community assistance which may be needed.

David Lammy
Deeply shocked to see the scenes from #Hargeisa #Somaliland. Huge number of livelihoods have devastated. I will be urging the UK Government and international partners to do all they can to help with the urgent recovery efforts.

Amb Mohamed Hagi
Thirty-four years ago, #Hargeisa was destroyed by aerial bombardment and artillery shelling, but was then rebuilt from the ashes like a phoenix. This time I am confident that my city will recover soon from the devastating fire - the resilience of my people.

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