VIDEO: US pastor Dwayne Dawkins apologises to wife, Tamia Dawkins, and steps down after his gay sextape with boyfriend got leaked KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Monday, April 11, 2022

VIDEO: US pastor Dwayne Dawkins apologises to wife, Tamia Dawkins, and steps down after his gay sextape with boyfriend got leaked

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that American preacher, Dwayne Dawkins, has apologised to his wife, Tamia Dawkins, over his leaked gay sex video with his partner. (Read More Here).

According to the statement, Pastor Dwayne Dawkins, has also step down from his church as he faces punishment from God for his sin. 

The Leaked full sextape of Pastor Dwayne Dawkins shocked everyone in the United States of America, because he was known for preaching against homosexuality in his church. 

Dawkins is a pastor who has also been a teacher throughout the New York City public faculty system for eight years.

Dawkins is married to Tamia Dawkins and they have children together.

Official statement:

"Thanks to YouTube content visionary Dawson Speaks for this post. Pastor Dwayne Dawkins has apologized and Stepped down as pastor. Pastor Dwayne and Tamia Dawkins share three kids, D.H. Dawkins II, Daryn Nathaneal Dawkins, and Dathyn Declyn Dawkins. An official statement has been posted from Pastor D. Dawkins regarding his down-low lifestyle. 
In light of all that has recently occurred & emerged, I’d like to take the time to apologize to each and every person who was discouraged, disgusted, distracted, and even displaced because of my inappropriate, deplorable, and unfortunate actions. 
I’ve sought no pity and have no excuses for my actions. I own up to all the wrongs that I’ve done and have repented, apologized, and fully embraced the process that comes with the consequences of my unconscionable actions. I apologize to my family and friends who saw me as an example but have now been disappointed. I apologize to my parents, siblings, and other family and loved ones who although I know they love me unconditionally, have taken this season hard as well. To the family of my wife, I’m sorry for the embarrassment and for having to be associated with this. 
Tamia, who has been an amazing and faithful friend and wife, was completely devastated. She did no wrong and did not deserve to have to endure this kind of trauma. Prior to meeting her, I never voiced my private struggles. Earlier in our marriage, an indiscretion of the same nature that was exposed happened and I shared with her, my family, my leaders, and my church what I was dealing with. She felt deceived and robbed of the security that she deserved in our marriage. 

"I was given the tools and the village to work through the layers of these challenges but didn’t always maintain my focus. Together we worked with family, leaders, etc and she committed to work with me through it due to her love for God, her love for me and her love for our sons, and all that we had cultivated together. However, she never had anything to do with my choices and actions of infidelity. She was not an accomplice and did nothing wrong besides stay faithful to her vows. 

"Regarding her health, I have taken the necessary precautions to give her the assurance and security needed to confirm that she has a clean bill of health. 
Tamia is also an amazing entrepreneur, online business owner, and women’s empowerment figure. Due to my actions, this season has set her back due to the public shame and embarrassment that is far from her character as an individual. The fact that her name will forever be associated with this embarrassment is a burden that I’ll carry forever. Tamia is a woman of great integrity and my prayer is that people will see her the way she was supposed to be seen as a beautiful woman of God inside and out, an amazing mom, a great friend, and an impactful and innovative leader. I’m trusting that God will vindicate her, her reputation, and the perception that some people have of her. I know she will persevere beyond this and continue to move into the avenues and areas that God has called her to.

"Our boys are well-incubated and doing amazing. Tamia has been a masterful mother and has made sure that our children are covered through this and we are both committed to covering them in their future with God’s help. 
At an appropriate time in the future, Tamia and I may share more about our journey, together or apart, as we know it will help bring clarity to those who need it, strength to those who will benefit from it, and hope for those who are enduring or will endure similar experiences. 

"Until then, we are responding to an unhealthy situation by healthily navigating through the moment-by-moment decisions, thoughts, feelings, etc that come with each day. That includes what our future will look like as a family, socially, professionally, and ministerially. 
To the Body of Christ at large and to every fellow clergy person & believer whom I have misrepresented, I am godly sorry for how I have depreciated and desecrated the order, office, and optics of our sacred community and practice. My heart especially aches for the souls under my care and leadership over the years. Although we preach grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness, we don’t condone what I’ve done. For many of you, I was your hero, your leader, your man of God, your pastor. I am sincerely sorrowful and sorry for the pain, trauma, and any negativity that I caused you and yours. For those who haven’t, please forgive me. For those who have, thank you, and keep praying for me.
Thank you to our family, friends, leaders, loved ones & even some strangers who have been prayerful, present, audible, loving, supportive, and absolutely sincere.

"Unfortunately, this has negatively impacted my family’s livelihood. They have done nothing and have lost so much on account of my actions. If there is anyone who feels compassion enough to donate to them please feel free to do so here: 
Tamia’s CashApp: $TheLadyCollective

Video below:

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