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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Biafra Heroes Day: Eze-Nri Hails Ojukwu, Ndigbo

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that The Traditional Regent of ancient Nri Kingdom has today hailed LATE DIM CHUKWUEMEKA ODUMEGWU OJUKWU over his leadership role to save the Igbo race from total and well calculated genocidal annihilation from the surface of the earth in 1966 through to 1970. (Read More Here).

His Majesty the Regent made this known to news men during his annual "Iwa-Oji Ozoemezina Ndigbo" at the Royal Palace of Ancient Nri Kingdom.

Going down memory lane,
His Majesty recall the gruesome and senseless murder of young and able bodied igbo fine military Officers, soldiers, civilians, pregnant women and children in their hundreds and thousands all over the Northern part of Nigeria in what was termed July 1966 counter coup which perhaps struck the camel's back, and simultanously led to the declaration of Independence Republic Of Biafra on 30th May 1967..

He noted that Ndigbo As A Peace Loving People tried it's best to avoid and avert the death of over 40 million Igbos toed the part of Peace which saw the Eastern regional leadership under General Odumegwu Ojukwu as it were then, initiating and attending all peace talks in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Kenya, Kampala Uganda and Aburi Ghana.
All These where in the interest of Peace and harmony, regardless that Ndigbo has suffered huge lose in the hands of it's northern counterparts, but it was prepared to bury the hurt and move on.

He noted that civil war as it is called; even though it was a total calculated genocide Sponsored by foreign powers against the defenseless BIAFRAN People could have been avoided if Nigeria Government as was led by YAKUBU GOWON had obeyed the principles of confederation as contained in the Aburi Accord. 

Recounting the role of Nri Kingdom to the war thorn BIAFRA, 
The Regent asserted that 
[Eze-Nrijiofo II] as the holder of Ofó Na Aló Ndigbo understood the spiritual potency of Ofó the symbol of Justice, thought it wise to protect the Leader of the Republic Of Biafra spiritually, which Informed his decision to bestow on ODUMEGWU OJUKWU as AKAJIOFO NDIGBO in 1967, with a declaration that he shall not perish in the cause of war.

While performing the "Iwa-Oji Ozoemezina Ndigbo", 
The Regent hailed the Indomitable spirit of Ndigbo during the war days which gave rise to Intectual inventions of new technology that helped to press on through out the war.
Worthy to mention is the globally renowned Ojukwu's Ogbunigwe bucket, invention of Uga Airport, and Uli/Amorka Airstrip, invention of local oil refineries and refining technology etc.
He however frowend at the way and manner Nigeria's successive leadership has abandoned these inventions which would have been an export money spinner for Nigerian economy if funds were to be invested into mass production of these local weapons and technology.

In conclusion,
The Regent Paid glowing tribute to all fallen and gallant BIAFRAN heroes who fought gallantly and paid the supreme sacrifice so that we may live...

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