Bucy Radebe's manager and husband, Thapelo Thoboke, finally tenders open apology to Dr. Rebecca Malope after telling her to 'f*ck off' at concert in Sun City KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Bucy Radebe's manager and husband, Thapelo Thoboke, finally tenders open apology to Dr. Rebecca Malope after telling her to 'f*ck off' at concert in Sun City

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Bucy Radebe’s husband and manager Thapelo Thoboke has issued an apology to Rebecca “for any hurt that the altercation may have caused”. (Read More Here).

“I would like to convey my sincere and unconditional apology to yourself over issues that were not even meant for your ears, of which an altercation between myself and your manager offended you somehow. Yes, emotions were high but in my sane and sober state, I’m fully aware that at no stage did I insult anybody, what I uttered was that if the song is not done the way we planned it on our recording, it will lose the whole idea of honouring you,” the statement reads.

Speaking to Drum and detailing the events leading up to the disagreement in Sun City, Rebecca says the experience brought back memories of her father being abusive towards her mother.

“When you get an invitation, you honour it. First, they asked me for a meeting, and came over to discuss my involvement in the concert,” she says.

“Bucy expressed the way she loved my song Nkarabe because it told her story. Her eyes were red, I could tell she had been crying. They asked that we do a collaboration on the song for the concert, and I agreed,” she says.

“Everything was fine, I comforted her, like an elder and a mother. I reassured her that God sometimes does not give us everything we want.”

Rebecca says he understood Bucy’s struggle through her own.

“The song was my own prayer when I couldn’t have children. It was a prayer that helped a lot of women who could not have children and some of their wishes came true.”

Before the day of the concert, Rebecca attended rehearsals with Bucy’s band and choir.

“I was not too happy with the outcome, so I asked for another rehearsal. There were certain things I wanted to put in the song. I needed more, [I wanted to] add harmonies and tell the choir to do this and that. The collaboration was not exactly as I was hoping but I was okay with it because sometimes when you don’t know someone well, the chemistry takes time.”

On the day of the concert, Rebecca drove with her manager and daughter Noluthando Malope to Sun City.

“I went to Sun City on that day at around 12:30 and did the soundcheck with the band. No one came to me to inform me about the running order of the day. I was left in the dark about small things like how I enter the stage, when I will be performing and what will be required of me,” she says.

“But I gave them the benefit of the doubt and decided to play my part when asked to go on stage. After soundcheck, I went back to the hotel room they had booked and started getting concerned when I did not have a makeup artist. So, I phoned Melford, my makeup artist to drive from Johannesburg to Sun City and gladly paid him to come. I didn’t mind it, and I didn’t complain. As an artist I know I cannot enter the stage without makeup and just Vaseline on my face.”

She posted the cryptic tweet after having attended Bucy Radebe’s live music show recording at the Sun City Superbowl on Saturday which led tweeps to assume the “disrespect” she was referring to emanated from that event. 

“I am so hurt, I’ve never experienced such disrespect as I did last night. I said I’d be fine this morning but I’m not OK. SA please pray for my heart to be mended.” she wrote.

The gospel star didn’t make mention of the reason behind her post, but tweeps alleged the incident she referred to in her post was linked to her involvement at the filming of Bucy’s live performance.

Attempts by TshisaLIVE to get comment from Rebecca were unsuccessful at the time of publishing this article. An update will be included once received.

However, the singer’s manager told TshisaLIVE that Rebecca was pursuing the matter legally and wanted to speak only after getting direction from her representatives on Thursday. 

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