Igbo Muslims celebrating Sallah at Ibagwa Aka Central Mosque, Igbo Eze South LGA of Enugu State KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Igbo Muslims celebrating Sallah at Ibagwa Aka Central Mosque, Igbo Eze South LGA of Enugu State

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Igbo Muslims have celebrated Sallah at Ibagwa Aka Central Mosque, Igbo Eze South LGA of Enugu State. (Read More Here).

According to information, the worship from the Igbo Muslims was to advocate for peace and unity irrespective of religion. 

Statement reads:

Ramadan: Igbo Leader Advocates For Peace and Unity Irrespective of Religion.

Monday, May 2nd 2022.

The spiritual leader of the Igbo Nation, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka (OGILISI IGBO) has once again preached love and unity amongst Nigerians, on the occasion of the 2022 Ramadan celebration.

The Igbo Leader who joined Muslim faithfuls in Onitsha to observe Ramadan prayers earlier this morning, prayed for a sustainable peace and unity across the country, while calling on Nigerians and indeed the entire world, to understand that we all are one in God Almighty.

In his words, “Religion must not divide the country rather, it should be instrumental to the development of the society we live in. At the point of death, we will not be judged by our religious beliefs, but by our deeds while on earth. When the soul departs the physical body and journeys into the spiritual world, what counts at that time, is only but our character towards ourself and others while we lived on earth”

He went further to say that Nigerians must cultivate in themselves, the attitude of love and respect towards each other irrespective of their religious affiliation. Hate, anger, fighting and killing each other on the basis of religion is wrong and must be condemned by men of goodwill. 

“In other to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign, we must first of all admit that we all are one, and that no tribe or religion is superior or inferior to the other.” He stated. 

Chief Ezeonwuka ended his speech by sending his congratulatory messages to Muslims across the country on the completion of their Ramadan fast and spiritual activities leading to the Eid festival. According to the Quran, on the day of judgment, every sin done in life will be counted and Ramadan is the opportunity to seek forgiveness from Allah. 

He noted that in front of Allah, every human being is equal and therefore it is a selfish activity for a true Muslim to discriminate among the human race. He urged them to be careful to have good deeds and be benevolent to everyone.

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