Mgiftoz Entertainer talks suicide and quitting music industry as he calls out Busta 929 for exploiting him despite helping him with four trending songs KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Mgiftoz Entertainer talks suicide and quitting music industry as he calls out Busta 929 for exploiting him despite helping him with four trending songs

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South African superstar, Mgiftoz Entertainer, has talked about committing suicide and quitting music industry over low pay from Busta 929. (Read More Here).

Mgiftoz Entertainer says on Facebook that he's famous, but with low bank accounts which can't feed him, his daughter and his mother. 

He said he's the man behind four trending songs of Mgiftoz Entertainer, which are: Sdudla no Slenda, Vandam, Sgodo, Yuriboyka, Nompumelelo. 

According to information, hew says where his problem with Busta 929 started was when he refused to join his record label, Thupa. 

Mgiftoz Entertainer wrote: "Am thinking of quiting this music industry 😭💔 
I mean I work my ass out on most trending songs,not even Getting the credit I deserve,the are people up until today who don't know am the Vocalist behind, Sdudla no Slenda,Vandam ,Sgodo ,Yuriboyka, Nompumelelo and etc am writing this in tears cause I mean I have a daughter that needs me full force as a father n here iam famous but with a low bank balance,what more about my mother she invested alot on me wishing to see me successful and having enough money to take care of me if I can tell my whole story it won't be nice 

"Am writing this in fear ,that what will happen to my relationship with busta after this but what about me someone who gave more than 4 hit songs and never got paid 
I mean I even did a birthday celebration,same person I called a father didn't come while he promised he'll come not even a text from busta saying my boy I am sorry I couldn't come nix 

"3days back it was my birthday he didn't wish me a happy birthday 💔,fine the trending songs are his but I also deserve my share 
Busta 929 started acting cold on me after I declined his thupa industry record label deal I mean I used to travel with him ,work with him and I come back home empty handed so what assurance did I have that the label or busta himself will change on the way he treated 

"Busta 929 doesn't even know where I leave or my mom imagine I know his whole family,what was driving to Tsakane just to check up on me mos I travelled to his family's house with the little I have 

"I did my best to love busta but he never tried hard to give back the love
It's so depressing as an Artist to see most of your songs topping charts but your bank balance is topping zeros awna niks sdudla no Slenda is on 1.7 million plus because of my voice I don't know about other platforms but still no music video for me or any payment from the song 

"I will send my house pics then ull tell me is this where a trying vocalist deserves to be at

M.M wrote:

"Mgiftoz accuses Busta 929 of exploiting him.

"Mgiftoz reveals that he is a vocalist behind four of Busta 929's hit singles. He says he is behind Sdudla no Slenda, Vandam, Sgodo, Yuriboyka.
Mgiftoz says he has never received payment for any of his work with Busta 929."

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