MUSLIM VIDEO: Hausa-Fulanis demand justice for pregnant Adamawa woman, Fatima and her four children who got killed and shot dead by IPOB terrorists in Anambra state KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

MUSLIM VIDEO: Hausa-Fulanis demand justice for pregnant Adamawa woman, Fatima and her four children who got killed and shot dead by IPOB terrorists in Anambra state

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Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Northerners are seriously demanding justice for Fatima and her four kids who got murdered in Anambra state. 

According to information, the dead bodies of Fatima and her four children were found lying on the ground at a junction in Anambra state. 

Their bodies were discovered over the weekend. Muslims and Hausa-Fulanis are demanding justice for pregnant Fatima and her children.

In the trending video, lots of bullets from Ak-47 were seen on the ground. 

Adamu Garba confirms that Fatima is from Adamawa state... Taking to his Twitter page, Adamu Garba Garba condemned the killing of Fatima.

He wrote: "In the whole world, there’s never a terrorist organization that is as cowardly as IPOB. More so, there are no ones given unto self-destruction than their silent supporters

"The gruesomely murdered Fatima & her kids are from my state, Adamawa. I mean are we really in same country?

"The double standard is unimaginable. It seems like lives in Nigeria have two grades

"The whole media went silent, the whole online so-called hypocritical agitation and fake-minded Humanright fighters were no where to be found.
Worst is, the govt can’t & won’t do nothing about it

"The faster we realize that Nigeria need complete political decentralization and everyone should take care of their regions, the better for us.

"Why can’t people like Fatima and other people endangered in Anambra come back home since the govt won’t protect or even care about them?

"We should stop pretending or trying to be politically correct. This country is not designed for equality and fairness to all citizens.

"The concept of everyone can live everywhere is constantly attack by terrorist like IPOB & their silent supporters. While our people keep dying.

"Until & unless a strong government is put in place, which will guarantee protection of lives & properties of Nigeria anywhere they are, citizens have right to vacate where they are endangered.

"Hence the need for the likes of late Fatima to come back home where they are valued."

Reactions from Northerners below:

Fatima is From Ganye LGA, of Adamawa State, she has been Murdered along with her Four Children in Anambra State by IPOB members and Nothing has done on that only because she is Hausa Muslim and a Notherner...

#JusticeForFatima I don't why this people are heartless, if not what on earth will make you kill "a pregnant woman (Fatima) with her Four Children" only because she is a Notherner and Hausa/Fulani by tribe.
Shame on all out politicians for not condemning this incident.

I don’t care what your reasons are , if you’d kill a woman and her children in cold blood you are a terrorist and should be treated in the same way ISIS and Bokoharam are treated !

Ayatoullah Kiri
The Murdered of a Pregnant Fatima & her 4 kids. Why if Northerners Retaliate?? 🤔
This killing will not go invain.

Engr Yasir Arafat Jubril🏗🏢🌉🛤🛣
As a matter of urgency and for peace to reign, the nigerian government led by 
 must arrest the perpetrators of the gruesome murder of pregnant Fatima and her four kids in Anambra. This is one out of many. #justiceforFatima.

Fatima alongside her 4 children were gruesomely killed by IPOB terrorist in Anambra and it's not even trending because they are Northerners/Muslims. Let's the perpetrators be brought to Justice. 

Abubakar Sadiq Dankanjiba
Justice for Fatima
She was killed alongside her 3-children by IPOB Terrorist Based in Southeast.

Reno Omokri
Yesterday, a pregnant Adamawa woman and her 4 children were killed in Anambra. Look at how we were all SILENT on social media. If Northerners kill a pregnant Southerner and her 4 children in Kano, we would have broken the Internet. Am I lying? We must be balanced!

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