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Friday, May 27, 2022

OSSU cop writes letter to the editor,urges Solidarity Forces to target senior officers

It is so much heart- wrenching that the Solidarity Forces are on a manhunt for junior officers serving in the State security spectrum who are always compelled to execute orders ‘barked’ on them by senior officers. 

We are underpaid junior officers, but we are, however, the ones who now bear the brunt of suffering for the wicked orders given to us by our seniors, which we are quite so frankly expected to implement without question. 

YeNkhosi, let me call upon all officers serving in any of the country’s security apparatus to at least share personal information (pictures,name or family location)of any senior officer who give unlawful and wicked orders to them for public alert so that the Solidarity Forces can at least pay him or her a ‘warm and dignified' visit. 

I promise to fully commit myself in that regard. Mr Editor, I believe that the indiscriminate shooting of junior officers by the ground forces will not stop the killing of civilians, but a direct attack on those who give the orders to us (senior officers) can surely yield fruitful results. 

The Solidarity Forces can kill us all, but as long as those who give us those heinous orders are walking free on the streets, they can still hire more officers to execute their orders. 

As an officer, I am not condoning the killing of brothers and sisters, but I condemn it in the strongest possible terms.Ngiyabonga Nkhosi.

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