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Saturday, May 28, 2022

PHOTOS: Ghanaian soup, abunuabunu, causes serious stirs on social media

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that a popular Ghanaian soup, Abunuabunu, is causing stirs on social media. (Read More Here).

Yesterday, an accurate African blogger, African Chart Zone, shared pictures of Abunuabunu soup. Immediately, a few Africans said they can't eat such as it looks disgusting. 

Ingredients for Abunuabunu soup:Snails
Smoked fish
Koobi (salted dry tilapia)
10-15 medium size cocoyam leaves (Kontomire)
Handful of kwansesaawa (Turkey berries)
Vegetables (onion, green pepper, tomatoes, ginger, garlic)
dried fish

How to serve Abunuabunu soup:
Abunuabunu is commonly found and prepared among people in Kumasi. It is mostly served with fufu or banku but it can be equally served with anything of your choice.

Abunuabunu is a local soup of the people from the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. It is made from cocoyam leaves (locally called kontomire) together with other ingredients (tomatoes, snails, smoked fish, onions, green pepper, turkey berries (Asante - twi kwahu nsusua) and salt). This food is mostly made from a green kokoyam leaf called Kontomere...and the indiginouse poeple sometimes add the faeses of a grass cutter (Aka Akrantiɛ) ... for the protein its either or both meat and fish( mostly the smoked dry fish like Opoku) it goes with Fufu or swallows. 

Reactions from Ghanaians below:

This is that kabalega bull roast in 2011 that got preps cancelled. 

Andile ramaphosa ate this 💩 that's he married a Ghanaian krons. 

Mrs Sadio Mané💝
I can only eat this if the benefits include a big butt and a flat stomach. 

Whatever this is and however great it may taste the fact that it has the aesthetic of cow dung with a hopscotch is enough for me to not want to be near it.
The FBAs have me on this one. 

The gikeh Effect.
I know the Edo folks have a native soup like this.. tried it with my eyes closed. I didn't regret it.

Riko Dan
So you come back from gym and your missus serves you this. What’s man on. 

Cruel Regards.
the last four letters of the name, are suggestive of where the soup comes from.

It’s basically spinach soup. If you don’t know what this is, ask your parents. 
But ngl, it bangs. 

What in the Shrek??

🇺🇸skrilladoright ╕И╒ 🇺🇸
It might be good but FBAs ain’t eating that shit I showed this to my daughter and she looked confused. 

Photos below:

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