RHOLAGOS: Carolyna Hutchings accuses Toyin Lawani Tiannah of being a lesbian and juju woman during heated beef on Twitter KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Saturday, May 28, 2022

RHOLAGOS: Carolyna Hutchings accuses Toyin Lawani Tiannah of being a lesbian and juju woman during heated beef on Twitter

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Real Housewives of Lagos superstar, Carolina Hutchings, has dragged Toyin Lawani on social media. (Read More Here).

Carolyna Hutchings has accused Toyin Lawani of using charms to steal men from their wives and also accused her of being a lesbian. 

She wrote:

"Toyin lawani all women are not stray dogs or home wreckers like you . How many times have you fought on the internet over a man not yours .. I rest my case .. next time you come for me .. be very prepared. I say what I say behind people . Don’t take my silence for stupidity.

"Localized idiot that lied my ex asked her out in boat club toilet . This retard that steals young married men from their cradle . You come here to chat shit cause I refused to join your cult of lesbians . You are mad with a capital M . @tiannahstyling2 . You think I am Mandy.

"My dearies 2020 was someone telling me what she said .. Toyin lies too much . How will I sleep on your bed when you are the queen of jazz .. pls mention the name of the person I slept on your bed with . 😂😂.. your bed ?? Did you have a good bed for me ?? . #RHOLagos.

"It is not the lies and rumors that is my problem .. it is the AUDACITY of the mouth it comes out from .. if I said it or did it I will say it to your FACE . #RHOLagos .. back to my throne...

"Toyin has accused me of alllll sorts because of her married lover . Things I have absolutely nothing to do with . She accused OTHERS as well .. Toyin rest .. you LIE too much . Focus on your marriage . FOCUS.

"Another reason he chased you out was because you were staying in his property with your sons dad .. you think he is a fool .. who does not know your gist Toyin .. you want to use this show to act Angel ?? F off … don’t stress me again . Happy Saturday sugar.

"Pity party Toyin sayin I was the one that made them throw her out with her daughter 🤦‍♀️. Toyin lawani his wife you wanted out of the way reclaimed her throne . Why are you still hurt tho ?? Aren’t you happy now ??

"Toyin calling me a witch 😂😂😂. I was quiet when I was married.. now I can talk . All you blood suckers get ready . Toyin leave Aremo matter alone . Focus on your home . Keep my name out of your mouth .. PERIODT. Only knew your btw sep- end of oct 2009.

"you ran away from your ex husband in london still married to follow another married man to Nigeria .. girl bye .. it was just an affair .. the prayer of his wife worked wonders . REST TOYIN . #ministerofmarriedmensnatching.

"You were LEFT cause he kept seeing you with different artist and men .. you wanted me to cover up for you . I only came for biz Wetin concern me with your affair .. because I refused to cover up you went on a rampage . @tiannahstyling2.

"Lastly Toyin bring out any evidence on the media I called you out for destroying my home .. 2009 or 2016, any tv or press release granted by me with concrete evidence .. @tiannahstyling2 #RHOLagos.

"Toyin I did NOT break up your relationship .. rather you did not know your married ex had people giving him info of your movements. I was with you for biz . What the hell is my biz with your affair ??? . #RHOLagos."

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