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Sunday, May 22, 2022

RIPPED VIDEO: Mixed reactions as angry lion chops off middle finger of a man at a zoo in Kingston, Jamaica

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Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that a hungry and angry lion has ripped off the middle finger of yet-to-be identified man in Kingston, Jamaica. 

According to information, the incident happened at a yet-to-be disclosed zoo in Kingston, Jamaica. The man is said to have wanted to pull 'Daniel' in the Bible stunt, but it failed. 

The video got shared by a Jamaican lady by name, OneciaG, on her Twitter page yesterday. After sharing the video, mixed reactions went up. 

First mixed reactions is the fact that people started blaming the young girls and other other people who filmed the moment but couldn't help. 

Another mixed mixed reactions are the fact that people shamed him for acting as a child, knowing fully well what lions are capable of doing. 

As OneciaG shared the video, a fellow Jamaican said the zoo is located in Kingston. 

Reactions from the world below:

This is SOOOO satisfying to watch.
He fucked around. 
And found out!!!!!

My God !! What exactly was he expecting😲???? That finger is gone sha. 

Mais qu’est ce qui te passe par la tête pour te dire « tien je vais embêter un lion » mdrrr ??

🎹 Br@¡N¥ F¡Ng£r$ 🎧
He deserves it. If you foolishly break the law of nature, expect it to break you too. 

Richard B.
The fact that everyone stood there smiling and recording while he's being mangled is why I hate it here. 

Lorraine King
Never antagonise animals when they are stronger than you.
Humans never fail to amaze me. 

See why women live longer than Men …
What was he thinking, that the lion is gonna lick his fingers?

On this episode of stupid is the new smart. Lion gets the finger. 

Van Miles
One's life has to be lacking any kind of excitement to want to stick your hands inside a lion cage. 

Royal Blu
Why would you, as a big man, continuously stick your finger in the cage where there is a lion?

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