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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

62-year-old civil servant, Egbejie James Egbejie, paraded and accused of practicing witchcraft in Cross River State

The Egbeijes have been thrown into confusion after their father, Egbejie James Egbejie, 62, was accused by community members of witchcraft.

It was gathered that the incident happened on Friday, June 17, at Odajie-Mbube, Ogoja, Cross River State. A source reports that James who works at the Ogoja local government secretariat had faced several wit#hcraft accusations from his community after the woman he sold a land to fell ill.

“This started around May when my dad gave out a farmland to his younger sister (my aunt) to farm for over 18 years now. She fell ill months ago and then boom one day, her grand daughter came to the market and started confessing that my dad initiated her into wit#hcraft and is responsible for her grandma’s ill-health.

My dad didn’t take it seriously and thought it was just a flimsy accusation until the villagers took it serious and started consulting one herbalist after another and kept coming back to inform my dad that it's his image that was seen during such consultations. 

My Dad asked them to stab his image when next they visit the herbalists but things changed for the worst when my uncles came back and started saying my Dad is also responsible for the death of my cousin who d#ed of cancer.

They accused him of burying a charm on the farmland and he told him to invite the herbalist to dig out the charm. The herbalist came on Sunday whilst we were in Church and the charm was dug out from the farmland. The irate villagers threatened to b#rn down our house and banish my father. We reported to the police but they aren’t taken any action to prevent the villagers from killing my dad who is innocent of all these accusations. Please, I need the state government to assist us as this isn’t the first time my dad is giving out a plot of land,” the source said.

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