AVATAR CHARACTERS: Korra, Zuko, Kyoshi, set to have their own movies - Kyoshi (2024), Zuko (2025), Korra (2026) KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Saturday, June 18, 2022

AVATAR CHARACTERS: Korra, Zuko, Kyoshi, set to have their own movies - Kyoshi (2024), Zuko (2025), Korra (2026)

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Paramount and Avatar Studios’ slate of animated Avatar movies coming to theaters: Kyoshi (2024), Zuko (2025), Korra (2026). 

Avatar News reports: "Kyoshi (2024)
Zuko (2025)
Korra (2026)
(Obviously those are not the movies’ titles.)

"This next part is my estimate: I would personally expect LATE 2024 for the first one. Again, it’s super early. As for the rest: again, big grain of salt. As production goes on, maybe they’ll decide they want to do every two years instead, or any number of things that could lead to the slate changing.

"It’s just really important to understand that this is just a snapshot of Avatar Studios’ CURRENT plans– their NOT announced, NOT confirmed plans. I wouldn’t announce or confirm anything this early either, and there’s a good reason they aren’t– they haven’t even revealed their first ever movie yet, much less committing to a slate. So please keep all that context in mind; don’t expect them to reveal anything about any Korra movie any time soon– there are two movies before that that probably won’t even reveal anything any time soon. That being said, this is legit info and not just speculation/guessing, and it also might NOT change. I think release dates are honestly highly likely to change, but I don’t think it would be unlikely if the three high-level concepts of Kyoshi/Zuko/Korra stay the same. Assuming my sources are correct about those in the first place of course."

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