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Monday, June 13, 2022

Boca Junior star, Sebastián Villa, will go to trial for gender violence against his ex-girlfriend, Daniela Cortés

Sebastián Villa, forward of Boca Juniors, will face the Justice for the accusations of gender violence made by his ex-partner, Daniela Cortés, a file that occurs in parallel to the cause of sexual abuse with carnal access that is investigated by UFI No. 3 by Esteban Echeveria. 

Thus, Villa will finally undergo an oral trial between September 19 and 21 for the minor injuries aggravated by the bond and for mediating gender violence and coercive threats against Cortés, judicial sources informed Télam today . The debate will take place on September 19, 20 and 21. The facts for which he is accused date back to April 2020.

“In the investigation , the aggressions suffered by the victim both physically and verbally were proven . In the investigation process, different types of evidence were collected, including film records , but above all, expertise and testimonies from those close to the couple,” explains a source from the investigation.

"Sebastián Villa comparecerá entre el 19 y 21 de septiembre ante la justicia de Argentina por los hechos de violencia de género contra su ex pareja, transcurridos en abril de 2020.
El colombiano carga con otro procesos judicial, también por abuso contra una mujer," a source says. 

He recently published an article in which he asks if there is a reasonable point between comparing the claims of Boca's inaction with the dictatorship and the request for the arrest of the player Sebastián Villa, to end the patriarchy. What would be the point of contact between one thing and the other?

These days there were extreme positions and it is understandable because it touches on sensitive issues such as gender violence and football, which generates passions that sometimes cloud reason. On the one hand, there is the column published by Martín Cohan whom I admire but I think he was wrong. When he says that he governs the principle of innocence and that nothing else can be done but prevent, and that Juan Román Riquelme , ultimately, respects constitutional guarantees and that doing anything else would imply doing something typical of the dictatorship. This position stems from ignorance of the law.

It is not true that football clubs cannot do anything but prevent and that they have to wait for a firm sentence from the criminal justice system. Let's imagine that a final conviction implies a rejection of a complaint by the Supreme Court, it may take five or ten years for that to happen. On the other hand, the position of the prosecutor , who ends up requesting the arrest of a person when there is in no way a procedural risk that Villa could escape or hinder the investigation, and that the judge request it because, according to her, his role as prosecutor of the province is not only to persecute people who commit crimes but also to help put an end to patriarchy . In my opinion, he is a nonsense that conspires against the agenda of prevention and suppression of gender violence that we want to defend.

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