"Deputy Jesus" - Kenyans dragged William Ruto for quoting non existing Bible verse - Matthew 17:29 during interview on NTV KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Monday, June 13, 2022

"Deputy Jesus" - Kenyans dragged William Ruto for quoting non existing Bible verse - Matthew 17:29 during interview on NTV

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Kenyans dragged William Ruto for quoting non existing Bible scripture - Matthew 17:29 during interview on NTV. 

Ruto says: …… “Let me tell you Joe, Even Jesus Christ…. If I can, I know you are a good Christian ……In Mathew, I think 17:29…His disciples when they were following him…they asked him, we have left our families, we have left our businesses, we used to be fishermen, we have come to follow you…what is in it for us?”

From King James Version to the New Revised Standard Version, bible versions are many. And they keep expanding. But then there is the version that DP Ruto reads and quotes.

Mr Ruto once quipped that he would retire into evangelism. But lately, he has normalised misquoting the Bible, sometimes referencing non-existing verses.

Reactions from Kenyans below:

William Ruto really letting Kenyans by quoting a non existing bible text

𝕻𝕰𝕯𝕽𝕬 °π•Άπ•°° πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ⚡™
During an interview with NTV on Sunday night, Deputy President William Ruto boldly quoted a nonexistent Bible verse.#MathewVerse29.

Riziki MsupaπŸ˜πŸ’¦
Deputy President William Ruto, who has fashioned himself as a devoted Christian, is on the spot again after misquoting the Bible.

Joseph Nungari
 you can lie to Kenyans however much you want but creating your own verses in the bible..The bible is Sacrosanct and no one dare change it #Bible

Kivunguya Imwamu
You can trust William Ruto to EMBARRASS you. It's now clear that this righteous thief knows nothing about the Bible.

Raphael Tuju
Instead of Quoting non existing Bible verses 
, Assist Wajackoyah to Smoke bhang.

J A L A N 'G O πŸ’™
I gave up on William Ruto when he Misquoted the Bible. How can a self-proclaimed priest married to a prophetess, who prayed for water, Misquote a verse?

BREAKING NEWS : Deputy Jesus uncle William Ruto has quoted another non-existent bible verse. He forgot to quote that which Zacheaus, a notorious pro-graft tax collector, returned his Ill gotten wealth to the poor.
We in Mulembe nation continue to support Baba
 #Raila Tosha!

William Ruto again referred to an non existing Bible verse on NTV with Joe Ageyo
 which Bible do you use? That one with additional verses?

William Ruto has quoted all bible verses but not where Zacchaeus returned stolen wealth to the poor😭😭😭. Machoss.

Prof Makau Mutua
In the Book of Ruto 17:29…This man 
 even writes his own Bible and then quotes a verse from it for the whole nation on 

Lord Abraham Mutai
William Ruto Quotes Non-Existent Bible Verse Again: "Matthew 17:29"

Gabriel Oguda
If William Ruto can edit the Bible, he surely can edit Johnson Sakaja's transcripts to include all the units that the guy was supposed to resit. Because what are friends for?

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