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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Did you know why Peter Obi was impeached as a governor after 7 months in office?

Anambra Governor's lodge and office got burnt and needed renovation. Anambra lawmakers padded a budget of N600million for the renovation. 

Peter Obi said NO, a whopping N600million can not all be expended for just renovation of two properties, it's outrageous. He took it upon himself to make proper findings, and after everything, the two buildings were renovated with less than N120million.

Peter Obi saved Anambra's N480million that would have been shared by corrupt lawmakers.

This action infuriated the then members of the state house of assembly and they impeached him, but the court however, overturned the impeachment and reinstated him as governor.

Also, Peter Obi was the first Anambra state governor that bought brand new vehicles for judges and lecturers. 

He used only one Peugeot during his time as governor. This man used the hundreds of millions of Naira meant for his personal bulletproof car to buy buses for schools in the state. 

Peter Obi is an upright man and a GREAT LEADER!

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