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Friday, June 10, 2022

I was excited, I took pictures and I make no apologies - Dj Roxy

I was excited, I took pictures and I make no apologies - Dj Roxy

She wrote;

So my country has decided to bully me for simply supporting my team and country.

 Something i have done passionately for many years, if you follow me whether here or on radio you know how much i love Zambian soccer, This goes far back, i drum up support on radio for almost every game, i watched all zambian matches during the afcon under 20 and only missed the mali game, i left my friends wedding as a person on the line up to go and catch the final with senagal, i even had to livestream from the stadium for my followers on here for a game that wasn't being shown just so we could watch it together.

 I proudly wear the jersey, paint my face and scream as loud as i can in the stadium. I personally drive myself to the stadium. I am a Zambian and i proudly support the team!!
Half of you speaking dont even show support to the team and only spend your time complaining when they lose
Also i am the only journalist/presenter to have a full profile interview with Patson Daka on radio

As of locker rooms please stop pretending you dont know i am a media personality/journalist that means i tend to have access and backstage passes to different places and events (it was obviously strategic to call me a slayqueen to take away from my credentials) also a whole lot of people were in that locker room, its honestly giving sexist vibes bullying women.

I was excited, i took pictures and i make no apologies. We all know if you had access to take pictures with the team members you would have done it. So until you take your own pictures you will continue to see mine in full effect! Not sorry

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