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Tuesday, June 21, 2022



On 17th June 2022 I received a message for publication from Mr Matomola Likwanya a UPND Official. Mr Likwanya is the Current UPND Lusaka District Information and Publicity Secretary (IPS). (Read More Here).

He asked me to share a post which he prepared an article alongside pictures due to his previous page being shut down. Mr Likwanya stated that the information was verified and legit and he even confirmed via a phone call. Due to the high level of trust that the party has in Mr Likwanya, there was no reason for me to doubt this. The post was shared by admins of the pages and the only edit was the word "Muzungu" due to facebook guidelines.  
Little did I know that the whole arrangement was a set up to trap me. 

Matomola most recently has made complaints about how he has been sidelined and neglected by the party and has asked for financial assistance from me. I was honestly shocked that he would be going through hardships especially from the 10th June 2022 when he called my private business line several times until 13 th June 2022 whilst his wife needed urgent medical care. He sent me videos, images of her in hospital. I did not expect that someone that always runs to me for help would set me up and betray me in this dirty political game. 

To the involved parties, my sincere apologies, before any article is published we make sure as Lily Mutamz Tv that the content is verified. Sorry for any inconveniences caused to Ms Ruth Dante and her family. In all honesty we have never had issues before and receiving such a post mesmirised me. The struggle to see UPND form Government was not an easy one and the screenshots from a UPND Official Matomola Likwanya to me appeared authentic. 

To the UPND Leadership, it is important that you check those who have such key positions and share articles that are misleading. I have also been told that there is a Cartel of UPND members that have been planning to see me fall so that I am returned to Zambia because I am a vocal personality on social media with regards to Checks and Balances of the current Government. I feel it is unfair to set traps to deliberately cause harm to parties involved and Mr Matomola Likwanya should be questioned of his intentions. I will cut associations with him as this behaviour is totally unacceptable for a party Official who is in such a key position of trust. Mr Matomola Likwanya is a respectable member of the UPND who is the Spokesperson of the party why would he reach to this level? He kept calling asking me to share the post and stated the party is suffering from too much betrayal.

We only have one Zambia and there is no need for anyone to set traps for someone who is miles away. This level of hatred of trying to tarnish my image and that of party officials is more than witchraft. My platforms are used for charity work, advocacy and enlightening the public on social issues.

I wish to alert the public that publishing a UK residential address is illegal and is actually Invasion of Privacy. Even though an address is not my present for over 4 years now. The UK law does not permit to such publication including mobile numbers. I therefore, request that such publications are removed from social media. 

Attached are the screenshots confirming that the UPND IPS of Lusaka District asked me to share.
Lillian Mutambo

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