READ: Statements, questions and answers from Sgt Thabo Mosia, Adv Teffo and Adv Zandile Mshololo during Senzo Meyiwa's trial resurface KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, June 2, 2022

READ: Statements, questions and answers from Sgt Thabo Mosia, Adv Teffo and Adv Zandile Mshololo during Senzo Meyiwa's trial resurface

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that the statements, questions and answers from Sgt Thabo Mosia, Adv Teffo and Adv Zandile Mshololo, during Senzo Meyiwa's trial have finally been released. (Read More Here).

Read below:

Forensic detective Thabo Mosia tells the High Cout that it is a 'very strange situation' & 'I have never come across it', that a murder investigation has two dockets.
(One implicates the 5 on trial & the other the 7 occupants in the house). 

Adv Teffo:
Wasn't it strange that one person was robbed in the house?

What I know is there was a scuffle in the house so it's possible that one person can be shot and others survive.

Adv Teffo 
An eyewitness will come and testify that Senzo Meyiwa was allegedly shot by Kelly Khumalo, by mistake.
Do you have a response.


And that the firearm used came with Longwe Twala and it's a revolver.

No comment. 

Adv Teffo:
The same witness will come testify that there was a meeting between senior police & those in the house about how to conceal and hatch a plan of avoiding to say how Senzo was killed in that house.

I don't know about a meeting. 

Adv Teffo:
The same witness will testify that all the efforts to remove the body from the primary crime scene (house) was to further conceal the murder of Senzo.

I have no comment. 

Adv Zandile Mshololo for accused number 5 will now cross examine Forensic detective Thabo Mosia.

Mosia says he made two statements on this matter, but he does not like the way he was asked to depose of the other.

Mshololo: Do you remember what you said caused a delay in you arriving at scene?

The person who reported matter to me did not have address of crime scene.

Mshololo: What else?
He told me to go to hospital but I went past the station first.

Mshololo: Upon receiving request to attend the crime scene, where did you go?

Mosia: The police station.

Mshololo: Did you the address for the crime scene at the police station.

Mosia: No. 

Adv Mshololo:
On your arrival at the hospital what did you do? 

Mosia: I approached the parked police vehicles and I spoke to the police who took me to the crime scene.

How long did you spend at the hospital.

A minute or two.

Mshololo: From the hospital to the crime scene, were there any police officers there? 

Mosia: Yes, they were inside the yard and also in the house with Brigadier Ndlovu.

Does that not mean there was interference of the crime scene?

Mosia: That can be possible.

Adv Mshololo: You also testified that you took DNA swabs from the door handles inside house.

Mosia: Yes

Mshololo: Because you found the police officers inside the house, you don't know if they touched the handles?

True, I don't know.

Adv Mshololo:
It is alleged the intruders came in through the kitchen.

We decided not to take any evidence from that door because we gathered that it was the main door used by everyone.

Adv Mshololo asks who was in the house when he arrived at the crime scene.

Mosia: I only know one person by name, Kelly Khumalo. There were four adults and two children.

Adv Mshololo:
What was Kelly Khumalo doing in the house when you arrived?

She was sitting while detectives took statements.

What was she doing?
I'm not sure. 

Mosia says he took over the crime scene and asked everyone to go out. He was left with Brigadier Ndlovu who showed him where to take pictures.

Adv Mshololo:

Was Ndlovu there when the incident happened?

Mosia: I have no knowledge.

Adv Mshololo: Was Ndlovu qualified to show you where to take pictures? 


How do you know he didn't mislead you?

I can't answer that. 

Adv Mshololo:
When you entered the house were there any cars outside the house?

Yes there was and also others including police vehicles.

Adv Mshololo asks Mosia, whose silver car (right hand side) that is parked outside the crime scene.

Mosia: He says he didn't ask.

Was there a red Polo Vivo there?

I don't remember.

Adv Mshololo: In your 1st visit you only took 8 pictures.

Mosia: Yes. 

Mosia: I then handed over the crime scene to Brigadier Ndlovu when I left because the scene was becoming to difficult.

Adv Mshololo:
That is the same Ndlovu who couldn't give you the address of the crime scene?


Adv Mshololo:
When you arrived at the crime scene for a second time, who was there? 

There was plenty people outside the house. I was waiting for the task team in my vehicle and never went into the house.

Adv Mshololo:

As soon as you entered the house were there any people inside the house? 

Mosia: I cannot be certain, this was 8 years ago.

Judge: But this is a simply question.

Mosia: There was no one.

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