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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Reckless and drunk driver, Agada, runs over nursing mother in Lagos state

This Man you see on this video is known as *Agaba* from Abia State, a retired sailor leaving in Iba New site Ojo Lagos Nigeria. 

*Agaba* Means Violence masccurade. He's Wife died few years ago in a motor accident that involves many people but took only her life, His son's was suddenly rich from Yahoo Yahoo as claimed.

Ever since the Death of his wife, *Agaba* and his son's has been driving recklessly in a street Road where little children are running up and down.

*Agaba* has fought with many people in his street because of his reckless driving, just because they told him to stop using speed on the street which is not High way or express way. 

I personally became victim of *Agaba* son's reckless driving few years ago, as his son's convoy drive into dirty water in a pot holes in the street and slash water on our body, they didn't stop or do as if they did anything despite shouting from the street people that witnessed what happened, we were about five boy's walking together in the street when this happened and three people among us was bath with the dirty water from his son's reckless driving. Yet they didn't wait to even say sorry.

With the anger and their fathers previous way of running speed on the street made us followed them to their house and getting to their house, their father was shouting at US, calling US criminals, I myself personally couldn't take the insult from someone his kid's where into online fraudster, but then the children that slashed water on us came out and was apologizing to us, begging the three guys with stained clothes which they all Saw and confirmed it's Fresh dirty water stains, being small boy's that grow in our eyes and don't have issues with them, we accepted their apologies, They give those three Guys money to Buy clothes and change the dirty stained clothes and they collected the money with good faith (10k). They even gave us a bottle of Magic moment drink and we take, Nobody force them, we only went their to show our grievance on the manner they drive and pure dirty water on us without showing any concern as if they don't know.

After two days, *Agaba* went and invite police with false allegation that some criminals invaded his house with threat of Life and forcefully took money and drink from his children (Yahoo boy's). Police arrested three boy's among us and they were later released with 30k bail payments each. After that time person like me stayed away from anything concerning *Agaba* and his family, but this is a family I know very well right from when they were tenant in the Area (Iba New site). His late Wife was a nice woman with Christian faith (Roman Catholic) she's a school teacher and well respected in our Area. Till today people are still crying for the Woman and the way she died.

Tonight being June 12 2022. I'm inside my house, not feeling fine, someone run into my house and called me that someone hit my wife and other person's in our street and ran away with speed, not only hitting people, Both shops, pavements on the street. I came out and Saw people gathering in the shop where my wife went to buy Pampers and get hit, I went there and Saw my wife and the shop where the man ran into and revised back and zoom off without saying sorry. I asked who's the Man and they said it's *Agaba* I went to his house, on my way I meet him on the next street after my street where people gathered him with anger, *Agaba* you again!! Do you want to kill my wife? *Agaba* started shouting at me, calling me names, acting drunken master, I called the community chairman and youth leader to come out and they All come out to the place his car was stopped because of the street gate he couldn't fly to go. 

From what I observed, he looks very drunk and insane, I asked chairman to call police immediately because tomorrow or next, he will start accusing people wrongly with police threat, chairman said NO. So I decided to make this video as evidence because he never accepted being wrong, and anyone who tried to correct him is criminal threatening his Life. As we're in a country where you can't get justice if you don't have money and connection. 

I thank God no life was lost 🙏 but Incase of tomorrow, the Man *Agaba* needs to be cautious about his reckless driving and people on the same street with him have known him for that. 

You can't be threatening people with reckless driving on a local street and be running to police after to lay false allegation against people who Condemn your way of driving on the local street.

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