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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

VIDEO: RACISM? - Kilimanjaro Jamia releases CCTV footage showing no fight or argument between staff, Gladly Nelly and Arab family

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Kilimanjaro Jamia has released CCTV footage showing no fight or argument between staff, Gladly Nelly and Arab family. (Read More Here).

Taking to social media, Gladly Nelly, revealed that Kilimanjaro Jamia displayed the act of racism towards her on her table. Now, the restaurant has taken to social media to share some CCTV footages. 

From the CCTV footages, it shows no argument was made from the staff or even the Arab family. 

Kilimanjaro Jamia wrote:

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to ‘Gladly Nelly’ as she goes by her facebook name for feeling she was racially discriminated in our restaurant. 

"We also apologise to our dear customers and everyone who felt aggravated when they heard about this.
To everyone, we owe you an explanation on what happened leading to outrageous castigation in the court of public opinion. 

"They say always listen to both sides of the story before you come to a conclusion, because only then you will find the third side of the story and that is the ‘TRUTH’.

Day 1

‘Gladly Nelly’ walked into our Banda street branch at exactly 1.09pm and left at 7.04 pm which is basically 6hrs, contrary to her 4 hrs as she claims. CCTV footage is attached for confirmation of the same. That is all for day one.

"Day 2.
‘Gladly Nelly’ came back but this time of all the tables that were available she moved to the one clearly marked ‘RESERVED’ and pushed the tag to the far end of the table. There is a CCTV footage in support of that. On this particular day, the table was reserved for a family of FOUR (of Arab descent) who had called for reservation in advance and had the table booked for them. Noticing this, one of our waiter politely requested ‘Gladly Nelly’ to move to the nearest table because the one she was sitting on had a tag ’RESERVED’ . ( We make reservations for groups of people or families who are willing to spend an extra ksh. 1000 hourly regardless of race, gender, social status, or religious beliefs).

"It was at this point that she requested to see the manager and our waiter called the supervisor who came and told her the same thing. ‘The table is reserved for a family that had already called earlier on and paid for reservation’
Noticing the family, She walked out protesting and saying she was racially discriminated and threatened our staff in her own words ‘You will see what i will do!’. 

"She took it to social media and made allegations that we have racially discriminated her and that has seriously damaged our public image with people calling us racists and all sorts of nasty things. We still reached out to her via a phone call and apologised if she felt that was the case and even offered her an apology meal of her choice. We condemn in the strongest terms possible the act of racism, promoting and supporting injustice against anyone based on the colour of their skins, social status or religion.

"We are however left to wonder, what if you, the person reading this called and paid for reservation only to come and find your seat already taken by someone else, would you suggest it was a racial preferrence? and what if the person(s) seated on the table you had booked was of the same race as you? Let us see humanity beyond races and our social status, or religious beliefs not withstanding!
From Management."

Video below:

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