VIDEO: Sheyzo drinks groom's wine, jumps on couple and misbehaves with their wedding cake at a wedding ceremony in Zambia KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

VIDEO: Sheyzo drinks groom's wine, jumps on couple and misbehaves with their wedding cake at a wedding ceremony in Zambia

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Sheyzo has drunk thrygroom's wine, jumped on the couple and misbehaves with wedding cake at a wedding ceremony in Zambia. (Read More Here).

In the trending video, Sheyzo, is seen as he jumped on stage to drink the groom's juice, later jumped on the bride and misbehaved with their cake. 

The scenarios have caused stirs on social media in Zambia. 

Information reads: "DANDY KRAZY ON SHEYZO!
He wrote;
Good morning Zambia and other notable entertainment pages and vblogs.
It has come to my attention that there is a video circulating on Sheyzo at a wedding ceremony in a disheartening manner.

First of all, people that take time capturing Sheyzo at his lowest point how do you feel and what do you wish to happen to him?

I remember that day Sheyzo was drunk and I asked my manager to take him home because when his drunk his deviant behavior is hardly controlled. It is the duty of everyone of us to protect our brother not just myself, mjomba or magnate.

Sheyzo is an intelligent, gifted and talented young man. He can act, sing and do poetry with a full grade 12 school certificate with valid 6 points.

In a short period of time I have come to know Sheyzo privately and publicly. My manager refused at first to allow my team to work with Sheyzo because he had uncleared issues from his former partners. And to avoid problems he insisted we wait and monitor the gentleman closely and if his able to adjust then we can work with him in current projects underway using my brand with other corporate companies.

Recently, there was an article from Mjomba Starface about Sheyzo I was silent because I have still been Contemplating on how best to help Sheyzo desist from the said deviant patterns of his life that seems to be a hurdle to level down.

However, it hurts me seeing an intelligent young man being taken advantage of by filming him at his lowest point when most of you know his weakness. Already others are even using the said video to add numbers and increase the circulations of such a disheartening video.

We all have our weaknesses and we must protect one another. Let's look out for positives in people and help them blossom. 

Much appreciation to Magnate who mostly never gives up on the gentleman because if you have no passion to help you can't work with Sheyzo and if you have a small heart you can't live together. Big ups to my manager too.

Sheyzo is a big brand that needs help mentally and physically. We are still trying to see the turn out of ongoing meetings with the family of Mr. Kalunga to see how best Mjomba, magnate and us can work with a common goal to help our brother Sheyzo.

He is not a junkie as most you are saying. He is not as negative as you may put it in your writings and in you vblogs. Sheyzo is a capable man with passion and positive side in him that most of you do not consider positive.

He is family to me, and I will still join hands with others to see the best out of Sheyzo. 

There's alot that has happened in the recent times that I can't bring to the public and all thanks to my management team once small for not giving up on my team.
God bless you all."

Video below:

It’s not even funny anymore. Shezyo has lost it. The little man needs help!

Posted by Zed Diary on Monday, June 20, 2022

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