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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

"Applying nivea cream on makeup?" - South Africans drag Nivea as Bonang Matheba partners with the brand

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South Africans has dragged Nivea as Bonang Matheba partners with the brand. (Read More Here)?

Taking to social media, the picture of Bonang Matheba applying Nivea cream on her face with makeup on began to go viral and it attracted dragging from Mzansi.

Mzansi are disappointed in Bonang Matheba and Nivea cream for trying the scam or deceive the population in South Africa.

Reactions from South Africa below:

Nivea SA is one of the useless brands, you can tell the People who are responsible to issue out campaigns they don't even have brains.
How on Earth did they allow Bonang Mathebe to put on make up, then promote their brand?
Couldn't they find someone better for the campaign?

Hermaine M
You know where the danger is ?
Applying Nivea on top of Makeup.

 ð™ˆ 𝙄 𝙕 𝘼 𝙍
Nivea probably saw the picture Mihlali leaked and thought this typa skin will motivate people to buy our products, kanti Bonang uzothi facebeat.

I don't understand. So now we must apply Nivea on top of makeup?

 ⷶ ͧ ᷠ_ ᷜ ͤ ꙷ ᷦ🕊️
Bonang probably doesn't even use Nivea, they were just using her to trend.

 Ã˜ ͏ Ʀ ͏ ł ™ ͏ ͏ ❼
Nivea is really disrespecting its loyal customers 😭Abasabi yini?

Bonang is not the problem. Nivea is the problem

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