Gistlover drops gist about Apostle Johnson Suleman sexual affairs with Nengi, Mercy Eke and Akosaqueen KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Gistlover drops gist about Apostle Johnson Suleman sexual affairs with Nengi, Mercy Eke and Akosaqueen

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Gistlover drops gist about Apostle Johnson Suleman sexual affairs with Nengi, Mercy Eke and Akosaqueen. (Read More Here).

According to the blog, Akosaqueen will be unveiling her new house soon which Apostle Johnson Suleman got for her in VGC. Gistlover talks about Apostle Johnson sleeping with the new generation of Nigerian Female celebrities, Mercy Eke, Nengi and Akosaqueen. 

Gistlover wrote: "Story of how Apostle Suleman Ruined Actress Halima Abubakar, impregnate Daniella okeke and other Actresses on his prick payroll.

Years back when Halima Abubakar came to limelight , she met Apostle Suleman though a friend and he started sleeping with her , to Halima then she has seen a mumu man sponsoring all her expensive life, Suleman bought her a house, two cars and made her travel all over the world , it was during those years Suleman church was just coming to limelight, everybody around Halima envied her then , she kept lying to her colleagues that Suleman is her uncle until some of them later find out it’s not true , and they tried to snatch suleman from her, Halima was among the first set of girlfriend Pastor Suleman had then, before Ruth Kadiri, Iyabo ojo, Daniella okeke and the rest came into the picture, the whole wahala started when all of a sudden Halima got pregnant just so she secure her space with Suleman as Suleman now have other actresses she is sponsoring now , they are a lot of them oo for those older generations, but if I remember their names I go add an later , she got pregnant and Suleman told her point blank he doesn’t want the baby that Halima just ruined something he is doing at the moment and he must not impregnate a lady at the moment , all Halima pleas fell on deaf ears as suleman was so mad at her and told her to abort but she refused, before we say jack Robinson , Halima started bleeding and lost the pregnancy , one would have thought the bleeding will stop after some days but it didn’t stop,afterwards Halima fell ill and it was severe. Halima was bleeding heavily non stop for six months , according to my source Halima sees Apostle suleman every night in her dream and he makes loves with her severely , Everywhere they took Halima to she was told her Womb has been used and she should beg suleman , Halima begged for her life , Suleman stopped picking her calls , Halima became so lean and some reactions began to appear on her body.

Continuation : on her body , all along Daniella already came into the picture, one common thing about these people is that once they see one of them glowing anyhow and flaunting riches online, deep down them, they know the peanut they make from this movie making or signing of deals cant sponsor such life , they begin to investigate who is sponsoring their collegue so they can be a beneficiary too, thats why you have story of twosome, threesome scsttered all over in the industry, so far you can pay them , 4 of them can be on one prick at the same time, so as i was saying , Halima suffered alot for Apostle Suleman hand, it was like he used her for the foundation level because she was among the first set of suleman knack partner those days.taking her to diffrent places it was revealed that her womb was damaged in the process of the 6months heavy non stop bleeding , this is why alot of her collegue who knows about this will never believe her prgenancy and chold birth( well there is more to this part as it is story for another day) make i sha cut the long story short , it was during the course of this sickeness that Suleman arranged on of Halima close friends to ho get one of the cloth Halima wore during the bleeding , Halima caught the lady sent and the matter was so messy theb, we never sort Halima oen finish, fiam Daniella okeke get belle for suleman too, ha Belle keh , one thing about Suleman and all these girls is, there is a mouth watering price for knacking raw, if na condom, there is another price, so practically all of them na raw , As Daniella get belle for Sule like this she ran for her dear life, seeing what Halima is going through , she didnt tell Suleman nor anyone , she was withdrawn until she was about to give birth before she begin tell suleman say if anything happen to am she go expose suleman.

"Cont: she begin tell suleman say if anything happen to am she go expose suleman, long story short she gave birth to the baby, althoug Suleman was not happy as the scandal almost broke his church them say nollyowood girl get belle for pastor, knowing fully well say all those older generation don get him tactics and some of them even dey come knack am with jazz for their protection now, suleman did almost all una favorite then , almost all, whwn i am settled enough i will post a comprehensive list of all those wey dey him payrol then before he shenk them because him don cast and these nollywood girls are alwsy fighting publicly because of him, on this new generation we have, Onyi alex, Mercy Eke, Maria, akosaqueen, Nengi, these are the few ones i can remember for now, so this is how he operates with this new generations, he sponsors them heavily and tell them to bring their friends , he pays heavily more than the PoliTHIEFcians sef,that was how Akosaqueen introduced mercy eke, mercy is another desperate girl, she and nengi, if the sugar daddies in this world be 25, nengi and mercy don do 22, they are very coded and pay all these hungry blogs to always hype them to cover their shit up,Pastor Suleman prick, dem suppose chop am off. All the bbn babes don collect turn by turn. 2sum is a must. Akosaqueen go soon open house say she buy, na suleman buy the house for am, wey dey close to vgc. Na new estate. Na him still give am money wey she take do Yansh. Then the first time mercy met suleman was through akosaqueen. 

"After she Carry go meet Seyi Tinubu. Seyi Tinubu worse pass all of them because Na weed mercy Dey take before UNTIL he met Seyi( but him own matter Na later) Pastor suleman must make sure una suck they suck each other toto well well, Most times he comes with his fellow pastors, big names. Babes will come, and it’s an orgy. They pay more than politics."

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