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Sunday, July 24, 2022

How To Feed Your Chi - Nwite

How To Feed Your Chi - Nwite 

4 Yams
4 branch of Ogirisi leaf
Native egg
Kolanut (4 or 5 lobes)
Beer or fanta. 

Get a symbol that can represent your chi-'s either male image if your chi is male. or female image, if your chi is female.
Make a safe and quiet place to keep your chi- onyeuwa
Get a white clothes
Get a burnt offering, such as chiken, or goat (that depends on the one you wish to give)
Get a fanta drink and any drink of your choice, Get alligator pepper
This should be done when the sun set. Firstly, take (7) pieces of alligator pepper to cleanse yourself, and that of the symbol (representing your chi), then throw it away, take the native egg,
still do the same thing and break them on the floor.

Lift up the ogirisi leafs up on the sun and call on the name of your chi-onyeuwa, telling him or her
to manifest itself, at least mention his/her name 4times.
Then drop it on the floor, keep the symbol on top of it. Get your nzu and pay alignment and keep saying your intentions, get your kola, also pay
alignment by saying your intentions and break it.

Get your yam, divide them into 4parts.
(Remember to cut the yam at the upper ending and at the lower ending and divide them into 4) place the yams by telling he/she what you are about to do and offer. Get your white clothes, wrap them all over the body. This represent covering of nakedness and no shame shall befall you. 

Get your offering (depending on what you wish to give such as chicken or goat) tell them your intentions and what you want from them as you offer them. Cut the neck off and springle the blood all over the symbol.

Offer them drinks, such as gin, Fanta etc. Immediately u are through, go make a delicious meal by preparing the chicken, the yam inform of pepper soup. After cooking it, take the head, the liver, the leg and Ekee and feed them. Then u can eat the remaining with family and friends. Leave those things there till the next morning, then clear it off. After that day, 

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