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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

WEDDING: Jay Ellis turns off comment on Instagram over blast for getting married to a white lady, Nina Senicar

Congrats to Jay Ellis and Nina Senicar who recently married at a beautiful garden ceremony in Tuscany. He shared the news on IG saying, "July 9th, 2022... Per sempre." (Read More Here).

According to information, his Top Gun: Maverick co-stars Glen Powell, Greg Tarzan Davis and Danny Ramirez were also in attendance.

After sharing the post, nasty comments began to roll him, which made the actor turn off his comment on Instagram.

The couple who have been together since 2015 got engaged on Dreamland Beach in Bali in January of 2019 and quickly began wedding planning.

"We always knew we wanted to get married in Italy because going there was the first trip we ever took together," Nina told Vogue after the wedding, eventually settling on Villa Mangiacane, a property surrounded by vineyards in a small town called San Casciano in Tuscany.

Mixed reactions:

Raa Shaad
Folks are upset that Jay Ellis turned his comments off on his wedding day photo b/c they wanted to hate on his white wife and that is CRAZY.

I’m a Master of None, anymore question?
Jay Ellis getting blitzed on twitter for doing absolutely nothing wrong is some of the nastiest shit that I’ve seen today.

Mind you, a lot of Jay Ellis fans are Black and a lot of shows and movies he’s done (even pre Insecure) are Black cinema. There’s a reason he doesn’t post that lady on his pages lmao.

Jay Ellis’ wife is so beautiful. It sucks that he had to turn off comments cause people are haters.

ПΛIᄂΛΉᄂӨVΣᄂᄂ نائلة
Everyone knew Jay Ellis wasn't married to a black woman. Damn, can we focus on the government and this inflation and women's rights crisis? Folks always worried about the wrong thing. Let that man live.

Jay Ellis comments marrying a white women Vs Keke Palmers comments dating a white man. Just peep the difference.

Jay Ellis posted that white lady and knew to close them comments the fuck up LMAOOO.

first of all, bitch, ...
Y'all harassing Jay Ellis on his Instagram photos of his wedding just because he married a white woman is a little gross for me.
She doesn't deserve that and neither does he. 

I respect Jay Ellis turning off his comments. Bro proactively closed off a channel of disrespect that could be aimed at him, his wife and his happiness. Protect your peace.

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