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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Yo Maps calls out "Zed Podcast" hosts, Elson and K Plus "Mailoni brothers" over 30K pin for appearance

History has a record of greatness. It holds titles of fame and power stretching from the medieval era up to modern times. 

There is something that power and fame does to many, it spawns pride. Hubris is an egregious cocktail steamed by power and accomplishments. Many would have soared higher without it, but reach their coup de grace after gulping this cocktail. 

Uzziah, the Bible king, thought his success had accorded him the right to condescend into priest and offer incense in the temple. Little did he know that his role ended at the level of king, not priest. Many of our presidents first become self-possessed and vainglorious before their fall. Some even claimed that they would reign forever; we buried, and some, we voted out. As one rises higher in power, he or she must build a cushion strong enough to absorb the impact of his or her fall. This is done by making more friends in lieu of fiends. 

Yo Maps is in his prime and has more to offer. However, it seems conclusive that he has slurped on this cocktail brewed by the masters of hauteur. "He is already famous and has nothing to benefit from that cast", someone said. But this is PR and image building. Some upcoming musicians would like to get some tips on how to rise in their career. The fans have a share of the view as well. 

The fans made Yo Maps become who he is today. He may make $3388 per month from YouTube, but featuring on That Zed Podcast is not a favour for K Plus and Elson, it's symbiotic. He would have humbly stated why he wouldn't feature other than calling them 'Mailoni Brothers.' They too, have a following. It is unfortunate that he allowed his wife trash down publicity all because there was no money involved. That, was so undiplomatic. 

We know that this is business and there is a way things have to run. It is clear from Kidist's video that she gets embroiled easily, and that is not good for business. Yes, Kidist has haters because of two reasons. One, she is beautiful and some women hate women who are more beautiful than them. On the other hand, some men also hate beautiful women they can't have, it's psychological. The second reason is because of the Mwizukanji camp. It's like the ferment between the 1.8 and the 2.8. 

Yo Maps must euphemize and analyze things soberly. His wife might build him or drown his legacy. The tongue is a world of fire scripture says. Let him not fly so close to sun, the wax on the wings might just melt.

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