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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Filipinos react to discouraging tweet concerning the study and degree of BS Accountancy

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Filipinos have reacted to discouraging tweet concerning the study and degree of BS Accountancy. 

Taking to social media, some discouraging tweets about studying BS Accountancy began to go viral, especially on Twitter. 

Now, a few Filipinos aren't agreeing to it as they believe that BS Accountancy is a good course to study at the university. 

Reactions from Filipinos below:

Mendoza: I took BS Accountancy and i bet to disagree to most of you, hindi naman nasira ang buhay ko. In fact, ito ung naging daan for more opportunities. I will never regret taking this course and if babalik ako sa time na pipili ako ng course, i will still choose it.

Margaret: BS Accountancy is trending. As a graduate of this course, as much as i enjoyed it and i enjoy my work, i wont let my future child to take this course. The process is hell especially if your school has crazy grade limit policy and never ending qualifying exams.

Chito: BS Accountancy is trending. as a former bsa student i think this course is only for ppl who have strong mental health, financially stable and has the will to pursue the degree no matter what. this course will require you to sacrifice not only sleep but also yourself.

Phillips: as a graduating student of BS Accountancy, nakakastress, nakakaiyak, nakakapagod, pero I am not discouraging y’all to take this course.. if your heart wants this, pursue it. don’t let the poor system of this degree be a hindrance in achieving your dreams. padayon, future CPAs.

Tokyo: so sad how ppl discouraging others to take bs accountancy in college bc of how fuck our system towards this degree. I really hope our government should take an action with this because every course should be fun and enjoyable to the students in the first place.

Patrick: Bakit trending ang BS Accountancy? Hahaha! Pero piece of advice. Kung gusto mong maging masaya ang buhay mo in the future, wag BS Accountancy ang kukunin mong course sa College. Haha! At hindi totoo na matic na yayaman ka pagka-graduate mo at pagkapasa mo ng Board. Scam yan.

Pallion: Oooff BS Accountancy is trending okay in this thread I will explain why you should NOT get into the industry 
1. Accountants are OVERWORKED
Not to mention undercompensated among other things. I have friends in the workforce who would go days without any decent sleep. 

Angelica: As a BS Accountancy grad and a CPA, it saddens me na some people are discouraging others to take this course. I am just an ave student back then, never naging DL, hindi consistent honor student nung HS and Elem pero nakaya ko. Kaya sigurado ako, kaya nyo din!
Padayon future CPAs!

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