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Monday, August 22, 2022

"I underwent surgery" - Gistlover reveals as he returns to social media - Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Gistlover has revealed as he returns to social media - Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Gistlover wrote: "Hello tueh tueh, I don’t even know what to say, where to start from 😩but I will start anywhere.
First and foremost , i am sorry I got you all worried, my intention is not to scare anyone or get anyone worried , this is why I kept sending my team members to you all to assure you all everything is fine, even at that you all still want to hear from me directly , now what love surpasses such love , I mean, you all don’t even know me ooo😭😭😭

Secondly , I didn’t just go off to rest or anything, you all know if I want to rest it doesn’t surpass 2 or three days,I couldn’t have put panic in GLB Nation /peoples business on hold just to rest for two whole weeks, NO! I HAD A minor SURGERY which needs me to be away for that long, I am very fine and hearty, and no it is not spiritual or anything , na Ogun go kee spiritual, I didn’t have access to my phone , my family made sure I was not on phone or anything , they don’t even know if I run a blog or not😂😂they sha kept all away from me ,I had access to my phones and laptop since on Thursday, I came online and I almost didn’t recognize my page again , GLB Nation, GLB Nation, how many times I call una , the love was massive , ah, all the oloriburuku and werey always ranting saying , GLB if he happen your followers won’t be here, forget that Nonsense oooo, I say make una forget seh, I have about 5 solid lawyers in my Dm asking if I am in any trouble and they are willing to represent me for free, ah, about two police woman asking if there is any issue and do I need any help, ah😩😩as if that is not enough , one governor wife who wants to be anonymous also reached out, saying she got me and if any issue at all I should let her know, ah,(that one no say I go support your husband Ooo mama) but I love you, thank you❤️
old men, old women, daily prayers ,prayers left and right , one woman went to the mountain Ontop my matter , God abeg oooo, how can you all do this for somebody you have not even met, No, you can’t tell me otherwise,THIS IS MORE THAN JUST GIST , because there are other blogs now, if i Dey or not, gist must go on, why do you all take it upon yourself to care for me this much????WHYYYYY??? To be contn in next post.

"Contd: one would think we men don’t like gist, come off it , 40 percent of my dm are from men , I don’t know what I have done to deserve you all, me wey I no well, why una come like my papa like this 😩😩I am not exaggerating the dm is a lot , more than a thousand dms, I even lost count , y’all made me understand that, yes you all missed the gist , but Gistlover life is important , OBA do you need help, Please are you fine, please just say hello tueh tueh we don’t want the gist now, we just need you to be fine, Oba where should we attack? Gistlover please just say a word, is it Sule or Jeremiah , who make we throw bottles for , some of you drop prayers every day, every morning , you see all these act of kindness, I will never take it for granted , come to think of it, we have millions of blog, and you all still take it upon yourself to care for one faceless human being, as them Dey call me🤣🤣🤣🤣everything that played when I was not around, my team gave me a break down of all, every single thing and we will address it all without leaving one behind ,all the verified handle that reached out too, y’all know yourselves, I am super grateful and I love you for this single act , but note this is not an immunity from me saying the truth when your fist land , if you waka kuru Kere, Hello tueh tueh go follow your picture , I just say make I tell you, no be fight oo , it’s all love from here 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️it got worse to the level of people having Bp, ha , this is not clout , when I see clout,trust me I know it, plenty voice note full dm, some Dey para for me say I must resume immediately, some Dey beg me to come back, it got to a point my team members begin chop dragging say make them bring gist lover come out 🤣🤣they don’t want to hear any message from them again, they want to hear from me directly, some GLB don March go Sule and Jeremiah page say ogun wan kee them make them releas me🤣🤣na that one pain me pass, una Dey give Edo Cultist turn pastor lever😂😂Lowkey him go Dey happy day people think say na him disappear me , Sule, Iku mato pa eh laipe yi, you wait first , iku ojiji ni ooo, Jollof shrinked hunger ambassador, Anywhere belle face, idris oloko fol.

"Idris oloko foldable wey Dey lie ontop him eleda say him cry to him creator say make I disappear 🤣🤣🤣🤣Eleda idris pada gbabode oooo🤣🤣🤣🤣your Eleda go collect bottle for forehead soon no worry , Revolution plus Scammer/onigbese wey Dey use people money sponsor K1 party, hand go touch you and tolu anyhow, oloriburuku onigbese meji, robbing Peter to pay Paul, just to shine una sponsor big brother, sponsor party, sponsor this, sponsor that , with people hard earned money , iku ma to pa revolution plus laipe yi, Revolution plus property are scammers,avoid them,all the cut and join bloggers been doing the most since I left too, akoi content 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣some even say I don die,some say them catch me🤣All the fake gist wey them been post when I no Dey, I go help una put torch light now wey I don show 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️Even una favorite bloggers miss me but bad belle won’t make them admit🤣🤣na just jokes and meme them Dey post , Na those fake GLB page I come pity pass🤣🤣🤣🤣hand really meet them,Ever since I left, no content to steal again , their page be like graveyard 🤣🤣🤣some of them manage post werey content for three days after the three days body tell them , the 4th day like this, them self japa go by force holiday ni ooo🤣🤣I say hand go touch everybody seh , the Vawulence will be shared accordingly 😂😂, GLB NATION, thank you all for this love , THANK YOU, THANK YOU, never seen such deep love for a stranger before you, you all don’t even know me ooo, na that one burst my bubble pass😭😩😩I am not the emotional type because my second name na giran federal but I tell you if you enter my dm right now, even the most giran person , him heart go soft , GLB team una own appreciation coming next, thank you all, you all held it down for me, I can’t thank you all enough , thank you for loving this faceless yeye blog🤣🤣🤣na name wey them dash me be that, let’s go and warm up TELEGRAM too for some minute, WE LIVE HERE, GLB DE PADA, OKU ASUN, Olomo kilo fomo, ( D.ead body go surplus) make mama warn pikin, make papa warn him son, lot of catch up to do, WHO DEY BREATH??? Bobo to breath lookan yen, Epa, oti wu si Jeanslover, i Dey come."

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